Strategic Plan 2017-18

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With help from PLC Associates, Cazenovia CSD is in the process of  developing a new strategic plan. This strategic plan will focus on the areas of curriculum and instruction, financial management, facilities, and community relations. A core group of stakeholders are participating in the process — students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators, community members — and individual task forces are assigned to specific topics that are data-driven and which focus on specific areas. The core team is highly involved throughout the entire process.  Task force members provide expertise in specific areas of continuous improvement. The process began in February, 2017 and committees continue their work until a final plan is presented to the Board of Education.

If you have any questions about our Strategic Planning Process please contact:

Mr. Peter Ciarelli
Interim Director of Curriculum and Instruction
31 Emory Ave
Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-655-5379

Please check back for updates and information on the Strategic Planning Process.

Three Strategic Intents

The Core team reviewed collected data from students, teachers, parents, and community members. After identifying common trends from the various surveys, three strategic intents were sent to Task Force members who were charged with developing action plans for each. The strategic intents are:

Engaging and Challenging All Students

Instruction tailored to students’ strengths, needs and interests
Increased access to enrichment, dual credit, internships, and advanced coursework
Students demonstrating ownership of their learning
Students collaborating, thinking critically, communicating
Students engaging in cross disciplinary learning experiences

Individual and Organizational Wellness

Address student behavioral issues, specifically disruptive behavior and bullying
Support and implement proactive measures for student social and emotional development
Positive school culture where all students and staff feel valued, and gains are celebrated


Productive and mutually beneficial partnerships with community groups that facilitate enrichment opportunities
An increase in resources, supports, and programs available to build parents capacity to support student success
Communication methods between families and school staff are understood and accessible to all

Where we are in the process…

The Core Team

Determine Vision, Mission, Beliefs, Parameters  (in process)

Strategic Sessions

Survey the Community, Students, and Staff

Analyze survey data to guide next steps

Develop Strategic Intents for the Task Forces

Review the work of the Task Forces (in process)

Prepare the Strategic Plan for presentation to the Board of Education

The Task Force Teams

Initial meeting to clarify the charge and purpose of the teams

Review data and conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

Build strategies and action plans to support the strategic intents (in process)

Review the completed action plans with the Core Team (March 6)

Review completed action plans with district faculty

Strategic Planning Team Members


Jonathan Benn (HS Student)
Kristi Chiarello
Peter Ciarelli
Sheila Clonan
Laura Connor (HS Student)
Barb Cudney
Lisa Fostveit
Nate Franz
Jim Frazee
Jim Giardina
Kara May
Natalie Mehlbaum

Lou Orbach
Margereta Sevier
Lisa Smith
Jim Steinberg



David Bergh
Gail Boone
Mike Byrnes
Maureen Carroll
Wendy Comeau

Sheryl Conley
Laura Connor
Monica Cody
Barb Cudney
Loren Doherty
Lisa Fostveit
Nate Franz
Jim Frazee
Charlie Harris
Nate Hoak

Mary Horan
Sean Kelly
Betsy Kennedy
Darren Kupinsky
Elise LaHart
Kara May
Brad Moses
Shawna O’Neil
Jen Parmalee
Mia Raulli
Jean Regan
Krista Salett
Becky Sernett
Jim Steinburg
Anthony Zane

Articles in the Press

Cazenovia Republican – Feb. 15, 2017: School district begins strategic plan update process

Cazenovia Republican – April 12, 2017:

Cazenovia CSD Website – August 21, 2017:


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