To recap; Cazenovia CSD has been allocated $813,516.00 to be utilized as directed by the NYS Smart Schools Bond Act. Given our prior status as moderately fiscally distressed and the current outlook for next years state funding the District is proposing to utilize these funds not only to improve upon our technology and building security infrastructure, but to do so in such a way that we offset expenses normally impacting our annual operating budget. Our expectation is to perform a few small projects over the next few years both to minimize any impacts on cash flow and to allow for flexibility as our needs and technology evolve.

To this end we proposed and approved the following scope of work for our initial investment. We are currently awaiting final approval from the Smart Schools Board, once announced we may begin this work.

  1.  Technology Infrastructure Upgrades (similar work was accomplished at the Emory Ave complex in summer 2015); this work directly impacts student access to learning tools)

Estimated Scope Cost – $194,000  

  1.  Building Security Upgrades (Systems are aging out and no longer adequately supported by manufacturers)

Estimated Scope Cost – $118,000.00


We are now putting forth our plans for Phase 2 of the project. For the upcoming 2017-2018 school year we are planning to direct these funds toward the purchase of new and replacement computer hardware and projectors as follows:


  • 108 Mac desktop computers (replacements for end of life units)
  • 20 Mac laptop computers (replacements for end of life units)
  • 93 Dell desktop computers (replacements for end of life units)
  • 325 HP Chromebooks (Rollout to 5th Grade Students)
  • 15 Carts for Chromebooks
  • 30 Casio Projectors (replacements for end of life units)
  • 2-4 large format touch screen displays (Test new tech for future use)


The District is allocating $360,374.97 of the remaining Smart Schools funds toward the purchase of the above devices. Quantities may vary slightly based upon pricing at time of purchase.


At this point, the Smart Schools Bond Act requires the District to publish the plan and post/advertise its intent to the Community for a 30 day period. Community comments and suggestions are welcome and should be directed to Matt Erwin, Director of Facilities (Contact information below). At the close of the comment period, after review of any correspondence the plan will be updated and submitted to the School Board for approval.


Please forward written comments or suggestions to:


Email: merwin@caz.cnyric.org

Mail: Attn: Matt Erwin, Director of Facilities

Cazenovia CSD

31 Emory Ave

Cazenovia, NY 13035

If you want to learn more about the NYS Smart Schools Bond Act, go to: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/mgtserv/documents/SmartSchoolsBondActGuidance_AL12.23.15.pdf

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