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Middle School Citizens of the Quarter 2017-2018

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Congratulations to all of the Middle School students who were selected this past school year as Citizens of the Quarter! Each marking period, Cazenovia Middle School honors students who display good manners, a positive attitude, consideration for others, cooperative behavior and responsibility toward self and school in an exemplary manner. Each of these students are named a “Citizen of the Quarter.”
Honorees are nominated by their teachers, who cite specific examples of commendable behavior the students modeled to earn the honor. These students display attributes not easily measured by grade reports.

Citizens of the Quarter – 1st Marking Period

Citizens of the Quarter – 2nd Marking Period


Citizens of the Quarter – 3rd Marking Period


Citizens of the Quarter – 4th Marking Period

5th graders
Samantha Arnold, Lucy Bliss, Shane Cummings, Rachel Caraher, Seamus Enders, Ava Galton, Sally Hughes, Maeve Kelly, Jaden Kaplan, Josh Luna, Mary McCay, Timmy Magee, Bryce Odessa, Judah Ossont, Gabe Reagan, Edith Rodriguez, Harper Travis, Matthew Tugaw, Ava Vanetti, Aevlyn Wallace, Collin Jacobs, Trinity Damren, Cassia Race, Olivia Ruddy, Avery Cattadoris and Eliza Smith
6th graders
Madeline Briglin, Tinsae Chiarello, Jacob Cox, Abby Falso, Olivia Franks, Bel Lazarsky, Grace Probe, Mya Skeele, Isabella Fazio, Olivia Lints, Miles Weiler, Bess Johnson, Mesi Stevens, Raeny Thompson, Michaela Tobin, Nico Uzcategui, Karly Vaas and Audrey Wells
7th graders
Corrine Albicker, Zackery Benedict, Liam Colligan, Skylar Dannan, Ben Decker, Sophia DeNova, Emma Enders, Katelin Frisbie, Connor Gale, Rio Harper, Russell LaFever, Ryan Melvin, Miriam Moskvich, Riley Newcomb, William Ossont, Lizzie Reagan, Ella Salzman, Caitlin Smithers, Isabel Stromer – Galley, Noelle Weisbrod, Faith Wheeler, Kelton Young, Jon Brown, Alex Moesch, Brandon McColm, John Fowler, Nola Degeilh, Hannah Ruddy and Cady Webb

Make it & Take it Camp a Huge Success

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On the Monday after graduation, many teachers and students were ready for summer vacation, but thirty students and three teachers had a better idea: Let’s teach 5th and 6th graders how to make things with tools and machines. The high school technology department wrote and received a grant from SME and GM to be able to make this a free learning experience for kids. The thirty slots for students filled quickly and everyone had a great time. The students were able to make many different projects using many different tools and machines. Participants designed their own shirts with software and then used a vinyl cutter to manufacture the design to be pressed onto t-shirts. Students also learned how to solder electronics and use laser cutters and 3d printers to design and manufacture a digital dice game. They also learned how to operate a CNC machine, hand tools, and power tools to manufacture a candy dispenser. Students then did product testing by filling the dispenser with Skittles, and then made sure they worked properly. Special thanks also to John Ryan and Mikaelie Lanzafame from Marquardt switches for the incredible tour of the manufacturing process at Marquardt Switches right here in Caz. All 30 students dressed up in special lab coats and shoe straps to dissipate static electricity before they were treated to a complete tour of the facility. This was a highlight for the teachers as well as the students. We will be applying for the grant again next year, and hope to continue this camp, or something like it for next year as well. Another reason for the great success of the camp was due to the eleven Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) students who were there to help the younger kids throughout the week. These students all had just finished the high school CIM course where they learned how to use all the tools and manufacturing techniques used to build all the projects for the camp. The kids even designed their own t-shirts and then produced them with a vinyl cutter and heat press and wore them on the last the day.   Submitted by Mr. Chris Hurd, PLTW Coordinator    

Introducing Mrs. Molly Hagan, High School Principal

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Mrs. Molly Hagan has officially begun her career as building principal at Cazenovia High School.  Her first day at the office was on Monday, July 2, 2018.​ Mrs. Hagan proudly stated, “It is a dream come true to return to the district that I graduated from as the high school principal.  I love this community and was fortunate to have had a truly positive experience during my education in Cazenovia.  I want to promote that same positive experience for all students.  As both a teacher and administrator in area districts for the past 14 years, I have always held Cazenovia as the standard of comparison.  I am thrilled to be able to assume an administrative position for the school district.  As a community member and parent, I am committed to the safety and wellness of our children.  We have tremendous facilities, outstanding and dedicated teachers and staff, and wonderful community resources.   I am thrilled be “coming home” to Cazenovia to support, inspire and empower the students and teachers of our community.”      

Prior to becoming the building principal at Cazenovia High School, Mrs. Hagan spent four years with the Oneida City School District as an elementary principal.  Mrs. Hagan also spent ten years with the Chittenango CSD as an elementary teacher, special education teacher, and administrator.

Hagan holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Lawrence University and a masters’s degree from LeMoyne College.  Hagan’s Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Leadership is also from LeMoyne College.  Sean Hagan, Molly’s husband, is a realtor in the community.  Their children Lucy, 7th grade, and Finley, 5th grade both attend Cazenovia Middle School.

School-to-Home Communication Improvements through Peachjar

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Cazenovia CSD plans to improve school-to-home communication by implementing Peachjar to distribute school flyers directly to families digitally. Cazenovia CSD is committed to educational excellence and ensuring that parents stay informed about important activities and events that enhance their child’s life. In an effort to improve parent and community engagement, CCSD is now using Peachjar to send digital flyers directly to our families. Digital flyers will be sent directly to parents who see them as visually engaging images right on their smartphone or computer screen. Additionally, all flyers will be posted to each school’s website. Parents will often be able to click to register their children for youth sports, enrichment programs, and community events. By using this new system, CCSD expects to eliminate the need to print thousands of sheets of paper per year. Additionally, the school district and interested community groups no longer incur the administrative burden and costs associated with paper flyer distribution. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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