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Veteran’s Week Photos

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Some photos from Mr. Evans for Veteran’s week in the Middle School Cafeteria. Thank you to all our veterans for your service to our great country and for joining our students and sharing your stories and valuable lessons!

High School Action Team 2019-20

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Cazenovia High School Action Team 2019-20

September 10th, members of the Cazenovia High School Action Team (HAT), convened for their opening meeting.  This group of students, parents, faculty and administration voluntarily participates in HAT, the high school building’s shared decision making team.

The purpose of the HAT is to increase student achievement by involving a broad base of stakeholders in the decision-making process regarding major issues at the building level. Multiple times throughout the year, HAT Committee members work together to share their unique perspectives and solve problems seen in our school. These issues may be related to the development of student outcomes, methods of measuring achievement, and overseeing the development of curriculums.  HAT members also discuss community relations and communications, the allocation of building funds, staff development and the school environment.

During the 2018-19 school year, HAT members played an important role in the close review of the High School Cell Phone Policy, included in the student code of conduct.  Each June, the HAT committee works with administration to make revisions and additions to the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.

This year, HAT’s focus will be on the structure of the school day at the High School. This focus area was determined based on survey results gathered from faculty and students during the 2018-19 school year.  HAT members plan to conduct research regarding this topic and will look to elicit input from staff, students and community members to evaluate how the current building schedule supports all of our programs and students.  While HAT cannot decide upon individual schedules, this committee is excited to investigate the best way to formulate our school wide structure of the school day.  The committee values ideas and concerns from all stakeholders and seeks your input.  HAT meetings are open to the public and all stakeholders are welcome to our meetings and encouraged to share your input with any of our members. We look forward to a productive year!  The next HAT committee meeting will be Tuesday, November 12th from 3 – 5 pm in the High School Library.


Caitlin Byrne, Math

Gail Boone, Special Education

Lindsey Shaw, Science

Lauren Connors, Foreign Language

Nicole Littelpage, English

Joe Schettine, Social Studies

Christina New, CTE

Trisha Moesch, P.E/Health

Greg Wakeman, Fine Arts

Brit Zumpano, Guidance

Molly Hagan, HS Administrator

Jonathan Benn, Student Government President

Josie Avery, Senior Class

Maddie Young, Junior Class

Emma Schwartz, Sophomore Class

Faith Wheeler, Freshman Class

Anthony Quill, 8th Grade Class

Kathleen Benedict, Parent

Meg Corey, Parent

Paul McMurtrie, Parent

Jill Porter, Parent

Ann Young, Parent

Board of Education Member, TBD

Marianne Angelillo to Speak at High School on Thursday, 11/21

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Next Thursday, November 21st, at 7 pm, you are invited and encouraged to attend a special parent presentation in the High School Auditorium.  In cooperation with the NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety Commission and S.A.D.D., Cazenovia High School will welcome Marianne Angelillo as a guest speaker.  Marianne, a local resident of Skaneateles, shares a powerful message connected to the profound effect underage drinking has had on her family.  She will share her story of her loss and devastation from the irrevocable consequences of poor choices.  Strong messages regarding accountability, responsibility, and potential consequences are stressed.  Marianne “shares her pain” with students and parents in an effort to save lives and to spare other parents the devastating results of tragedies due to teenage recklessness. 

The day after this parent presentation, students in grades 9 – 12 will hear Marianne’s powerful message on Friday, November 22nd.  We are so fortunate that Marianne has agreed to come and present to our parents the night before.  We encourage you to attend this evening presentation, which will allow parents and families the same exposure to Marianne’s important messages related to keeping teens safe.   This evening is open to all district residents and highly encouraged for parents of high school students. Please see the attached flyer for more information:

Sharing My Stones Flyer 11-21-19.pdf 

Lions Club Students of the Month: Fenton and Armour

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Kylie Fenton, a junior at Cazenovia High School, has been selected as the Cazenovia Lions Club Student of the Month for September 2019.  Kylie is the daughter of Michele and Tim Fenton of Cazenovia.

Kylie Fenton, Lions Club Student of the Month for September 2019

Kylie’s nomination, by faculty member Timothy Mascari, reads as follows:

“Since the start of the school year, Kylie has gone above and beyond to make ALL students feel welcome and included, especially students with disabilities.  Every time I have assigned homework in my self-contained math class, she always is willing to help students with it in their shared study hall and the students always come in smiling saying “Kylie helped me with this hard homework!”  During English 11 instruction, she always makes sure that students with disabilities have a group to work with during group work activities and goes out of her way to make them feel welcomed and supported.  She treats everyone in the class with the utmost respect and genuinely cares about her peers.  On one of the student’s birthdays, she found out his favorite candy/treats and bought him a huge birthday present bag full of all his favorites (Pringles, Kit Kats, Twix, etc.) without being asked or prompted to do so.  From what I have seen with her interactions with the entire school population, Kylie deserves to be highlighted with student of the month for her kindness and caring about everyone in the Cazenovia School Community. ”

Mr. Mascari and the Cazenovia Lions Club couldn’t agree more and we are pleased to give this Student of The Month award for September 2019 to Kylie Fenton.

Abby Armour, is in the 8th grade at Cazenovia High School, has been selected as the Cazenovia Lions Club Student of the Month for October 2019.  Abby is the daughter of Tim & Heather Crouch of Cazenovia.

Abby Armour, Lions Club Student of the Month for October 2019

Abby’s nomination, by Transportation Director Karen Cowherd, reads as follows:

“Abby has been very helpful over the years on the bus when there is a substitute driver; giving directions on where to stop, pointing out houses and keeping the kids quiet on the bus.  Recently a parent reached out on Facebook in search of the girl that rides bus 231 and helps her kindergarten son on a daily basis.  The little boy told his mom “She takes care of me.” She helps him with his backpack getting in and out of his seat and reads to him.  Abby is a gentle soul with a huge heart.”

The Cazenovia Lions Club is proud to give the October Student of the Month award to Abby for her gentle soul and huge heart.

Mr. Pulfer visits with 7th Grade French Class

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On October 24, 2019, Marc Pulfer, uncle of Susie and Bonnie Pittman, came to speak to the 7th grade French classes about France. Mr. Pulfer shared beautiful photos of his home city of Marseille and its impressive port, which is larger than Paris in geographic area! Students asked Mr. Pulfer questions in French about himself and learned a little bit of German and Alsatian, two other languages he speaks. This was Mr. Pulfer’s first visit to a U.S. school, and Cazenovia was happy to welcome him!

Burton Street PTA Spirit Wear Sale 2019

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The 2019 Burton Street PTA Spirit Wear Sale is up & rolling!

Details: Sale ends Nov 15th for paper forms, Nov 17th for online ordering

*****90+ items available online*****

With 90+ items available online, please take advantage of ordering online. If you can’t order online, a paper should be going home today with all Burton Street Students, but we are only able to showcase 8 items for ordering on paper forms. Order totals for pages 1 and 2 of paper forms can be combined into one check. Paper orders MUST BE turned in by Friday November 15thNO EXCEPTIONS!!! Please indicate “for Burton St PTA” on the envelope. Online sale ends at 11:59 pm Sunday November 17th.

Thank you for supporting the Burton Street PTA. Annual fundraising like this helps bring special performances and enrichment programs to Burton Street for all students to enjoy

Reduced Rate Ski Pass News

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Cazenovia Central School is proud to promote an individual sport option for our students and their families.  Members of the Cazenovia Central School Community have a couple of choices for reduced rate ski passes to Toggenburg this season.  The actual Ski Club program is advised by Kara Burry and Amanda Denton.  This program offers the traditional reduced rate Friday pass, including the option of transportation, for those students in grades 3-7. There will be an informational meeting about the Grade 3-7 program at 7 pm at Burton Street on November 14th following open house!  The Cazenovia Adventurers, administered by Elise LaHart, offers a number of once a week passes, including choices for Tuesday through Sunday, for those in grades 8-12 and their family members.  There is no transportation or chaperones on duty for the Cazenovia Adventurers High School option.  Specific paperwork and forms pertinent to each option is attached below.  The Grade 3-7 paperwork will also be available at the Open House on Nov. 14th.  The paperwork should be printed and returned to the appropriate advisor however, the PASSES SHOULD BE PURCHASED ON LINE at . Once at the site, hit “buy products” and follow the prompts.  You will not be able to access and purchase the reduced rate passes from the Toggenburg web site so be sure to use the provided link above. Please complete all paperwork and the on-line payment NO LATER THAN NOV 18th to avoid late fees.  Again, payment will be made on-line and the forms will be returned to the listed advisors for each program.  Printed copies of all paperwork are available in the school buildings as well.  Please note that if it is a true family season pass you are interested in, Cazenovia Central School does not offer any discounts and recommends that you purchase those directly from Toggenburg as soon as possible since prices continue to rise as the season nears. Contact the advisors with any questions you may have: , or  Thank you and think snow!  

CCSD Teacher of the Year 2019: Mrs. Kim Schug

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On September 3, 2019, Mr. Reilly addressed the entire faculty and staff at opening day ceremonies for employees. As has become recent custom, the Superintendent recognized the Cazenovia CSD Teacher of the Year. Cazenovia CSD is pleased to announce the Mrs. Kim Schug was selected and honored with the 2019 Cazenovia CSD Teacher of the Year award!

From left to right: Mrs. Schug, Ainsly Schug, Hadley Schug, and Mr. Schug just after Mrs. Schug was announced as CCSD Teacher of the Year 2019

As is also now the tradition, Mrs. Schug has taken time to answer the Teacher of the Year Questionnaire. Please enjoy learning more about Mrs. Schug and congratulations to her on her award!

Teacher of the Year Interview Q&A

High School Graduation: Alexandria Central School, 1989

College Attended Undergraduate: SUNY Geneseo, 1993, Major(s):  Mathematics with a minor in Secondary Education

College Attended Graduate/Masters: SUNY Oswego, 1998, Major(s): Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

New York State Teacher Certification(s): Permanent

Where did you complete your student teaching?

“Rush- Henrietta (Rochester area)”

Why did you choose a career in education?

“I grew up in a family of teachers so I was always surrounded by it. I thought I would never be a teacher but as I became older I saw the impact my father had on his high school students both inside and outside the classroom. That is when I decided to become a teacher. I think I was a junior in high school.”

What activities (sports, clubs, jobs, etc.) you were you involved in as a high school student and college student?

Soccer, Golf, Student Government, Yearbook. Work – boat tour guide in the 1000 Islands, waitress, TA for a Logic Course in college, Athletic Building supervisor in college.

Did your family or another person impact your decision to become an educator?

“Definitely my father and my high school Math teacher. Coming from a small school I had the same Math teacher for 4 years in high school. However, many family members and family friends were teachers so they also had an impact on my decision to become a teacher.”

Where was your first teaching position?  What did you teach?  Did you work elsewhere before being hired as an employee at Cazenovia? 

“Cazenovia was my first teaching position. I started teaching 7th grade Math, 8th grade Math, and 11th grade honors. Over the many years I have been here I have taught many different levels of Math. Today I teach Algebra I, Algebra II, and Algebra II honors.”

When did you start teaching/working at Cazenovia?

“Fall of 1993”

Have you always been in education or did you start out doing something else?

“Always in education.”

When you started working at Cazenovia, who were some of the teachers that also started around the same time you did?

“Mark Evans, Chris Hurd, Stacia Nourse & Claudia Johnson”

Please describe five moments as a teacher that you will never forget? Why?

“I am not sure how to come up with the top 5 moments but these are just general memories that I will always cherish. Any time a student leaves my room feeling confident in Math is something that is so rewarding for me. With Math being most students hardest subject, I have seen students time and time again not give up. They show diligence and perseverance and that is such a wonderful quality to develop and I love witnessing this. Over the years I have coached Modified and JV soccer, been a class advisor for 2 different classes (Classes of 1999 and 2014), and was the Student Government advisor for many years. Some of my best moments have been time spent with students outside the classroom in those roles. Also working with my Math department colleagues is something I will always treasure. They are the most dedicated teachers I know.”

What have been the biggest changes in the profession during your career?

“Definitely technology, but students have changed over the years too. The Math curriculum has gone through 3 major curriculum changes since I became a teacher and we are headed into one more with the Next Generation Learning Standards.”

What would you hope your teaching legacy might be?

“For most students Math proves to be the most challenging subject. I know I expect a lot of my students, but I hope they remember me as someone who only wanted success for them. I hope they all feel that I supported them both inside and outside the classroom. I feel there is more to teaching than in the classroom so I try to see them as much as I can in their extra-curricular activities. This to me is as important as what I do in the classroom and I hope my students know that I truly enjoy watching them succeed outside the classroom as well.”

Mrs. Schug gives extra help to two of her favorite students. The iconic Golden Apple was set on the table by our photographer. The Teacher of the Year award recipient receives a Golden Apple from the District when named.

Please describe your family.

“My husband Thatcher is a Biology teacher here at Cazenovia. We have 3 children – Trey (Freshman at SUNY Albany), Ainsly and Hadley (Sophomores here at Cazenovia).”

“My parents (George and Terry) are very involved with us and our children. They are the best grandparent fans out there. I also have a brother and sister, a Grandmother who is amazing at 95 years old, many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and first cousins that I am close with.”

If you never became an educator, what career might you have had? Why?

“I can’t imagine not teaching.”

Outside of teaching, what are your other interests/hobbies?

“Spending time with family and friends, attending all of my kids games/activities, watching sports, boating, reading, walking.”

Anything else you would like to add?

“I am extremely honored to have been chosen as Teacher of the Year. I have worked at Cazenovia for 27 years and I can honestly say we have the best students and teachers. I am proud and thankful to work alongside such a dedicated and talented group of colleagues. Thank you for this award!”


Each year, since 1983, the Cazenovia Central School District has honored one or more teachers for their outstanding accomplishments as an educator in our district. Nomination forms are sent to all members of the teaching staff in early June. When teachers nominate a colleague, they submit written explanations as to why a particular teacher should be considered for the Cazenovia Central School Teacher of the Year Award. In late June teachers, who have been previously been honored as Teacher of the Year, review the written nomination forms and select the individual to be honored. Previous “Teacher of the Year” recipients have been:

  • 1983  Barry Parker
  • 1984  Nancy Holland
  • 1985  Margy Clancy
  • 1986  Andy Lepine
  • 1987  Walter Stroud
  • 1988  Sybil Spaulding
  • 1989  Frank DeGrenier
  • 1990  Michele Decker
  • 1991  Pamela Ryan
  • 1992  William Paben
  • 1993  Amy Conley
  • 1994  Eric Jerabek
  • 1995  Educators of Distinction Program
  • 1996  Beverly Buck
  • 1997  Mark Evans
  • 1998  Deborah McCullough
  • 1999  Ronald Luteran
  • 2000  Christopher Hurd
  • 2001  Bob Read
  • 2002  Lorraine O’Connor
  • 2003  Kurt Wheeler
  • 2004  Nancy Kolwaite
  • 2005  Maureen Carroll
  • 2006  Marva Spuller
  • 2007  Ellen Dougherty
  • 2008  Lorraine Scheftic
  • 2009  Mike Burns
  • 2009  Vicki Reutter
  • 2010  Mary Damon
  • 2011  Nancy Saya
  • 2012  Sean Kelly
  • 2013  Margeret Sevier
  • 2014  Robin Costello
  • 2015  Sharon Gifford
  • 2016  Catharine Taylor
  • 2017  Teresa Campbell
  • 2017  Kristen Axe
  • 2018 Johanna Neugebauer
  • 2019 Kimberly Schug

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