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Character Education continues to be a focus at Burton Street. Throughout the year we highlight five character traits- Pride, Responsibility, Caring, Honesty, and Respect. We value character education and want to make it a community-wide effort. Our goal is to involve families and the community in our efforts to support our students to be socially responsible young citizens.

Monthly assemblies are held where the first assembly introduces a trait and the second assembly reinforces what it looks like to use this trait both in and out of school. We will send home reminders of the traits being highlighted and the assembly dates.

Throughout the year if you witness your child or another child at Burton Street who has gone above and beyond in demonstrating the highlighted trait we want to know about it. We encourage you to write a letter to the committee explaining what you have observed. Be specific in details regarding the student (name, grade, teacher), how you know this individual and what their positive behavior was.

At Burton Street we use a positive behavior support system to reinforce the traits and allow every child the opportunity to be recognized for making good choices throughout the school day, on the bus, at home and beyond into the community.

  1. Caught the Wave Clip: Children will be “caught” following one or more of our rules, and they will be given a yellow clothespin by a Burton Street staff member. This will be clipped somewhere on his/her shirt for people to notice.
  2. Hang Ten Award: For each character trait there will be one girl and one boy chosen from each classroom to receive this award. Winners will be chosen by classroom teachers and staff members based on outstanding demonstration of the featured trait. Students will receive a certificate and be featured in the slide show that will be shown at the assembly.
  3. Radical Wave Riders: Family members, teachers and members of the community can write letters nominating a student they believe has gone above and beyond the featured character trait. All nominated students will receive a yellow or gold wristband at the assembly. A group picture will be taken.
  4. Big Kahuna Award: The character ed. committee will review all the submitted letters and choose three students who stand out as going above and beyond for the chosen character trait. The three letters will be read aloud at the assembly. The students will not know they have been chosen until they are announced at the assembly. Families will be notified so they can attend the assembly. The three students will receive a special t-shirt that can be worn to following assemblies.

Assembly topics (dates/times posted on School Calendar):

  • September/October PRIDE
  • November/December RESPONSIBILITY
  • January/February CARING
  • March/April HONESTY
  • May/June RESPECT

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