School Time Schedule


School Time Schedule 
Some parents prefer to pick up their children at dismissal time which is 2:25 p.m. Children to be picked up are sent to the art room when their class is escorted to the bus circle. Parents, relatives, or other adults are required to sign the child out at the art room. This policy is to be followed each time a pick-up is made. Students who are not picked up by the time the buses leave the circle will be escorted to the main office to wait for a parent. Those picking up children are encouraged to be prompt as youngsters find waiting stressful when all other children and parents have left.

Late Entry / Early Departure Procedures
Students are expected to be on time for the start of classes at 8:03 a.m. Walkers and students driven to school should not arrive prior to 7:40 a.m. If it becomes necessary to bring your child into the building following the start of the school day, you must accompany your child into the nurse’s office to sign the child into school for that day.

Should it become necessary to pick-up your child early from school, please send a note with your child on the morning of the day he/she is to be dismissed. The note should give the child’s name and the reason for the early departure. The note will be sent to the office and recorded. When you arrive to pick-up your child, please come to the office. He/She will be called to the office. The parent will then sign the child out. Parents may not pick the child up directly from the classroom under any circumstances.

Those Burton Street Students who live in the neighborhood and walk home from school each day are dropped off in front of the gym when their class is escorted to the bus circle. After the buses have left the circle, the walkers are escorted to the front door for dismissal.

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  • Burton Street Office
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  • 315.655.1340
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