U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer Addressed the Media at Cazenovia High School

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Cazenovia C.S.D. was selected by U.S. Senator, Charles “Chuck” Schumer on Friday, July 31, as a Madison County location for a speech and media session.


Schumer Said Local Schools, Like Those Across Central New York, Have Some State & Federal Guidelines To Reopen Safely Amid COVID-19 BUT Not Enough Fed Funds To Afford Them; Pushes New Plan To Inject $175B Into Nation’s K-12 Schools & $15M For County Broadband To Meet The Need

U.S. Senator, Charles Schumer addressed the media at Cazenovia High School on Friday, July 31, 2020.

Schumer said, “It Would Simply Be Nails On The Chalkboard If A Lack Of Fed Funds Kept Central New York From Safely Reopening Schools.”   

Citing COVID-19 costs as too big for New York school districts to carry alone and alongside Cazenovia School District Superintendent, Matthew Reilly, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer revealed that without specific federal funds, schools throughout the Central New York region might not be able to reopen as safely come fall.

“Everyone wants our schools to reopen, but the federal government must lead the way by funding the safety measures that would open the doors of schools throughout Central New York in a way that helps ensure the coronavirus does not needlessly spread or infect teachers, kids or staff,” said Senator Schumer.

“Without federal dollars to cover the massive costs of PPE, barriers, cleaning supplies, broadband, transportation and more, local school budgets across Upstate New York would be crushed, local taxes could rise and some schools might simply stay closed—and we do not want that. That’s why we need to take action in ‘COVID-4’ and commit $175 billion to the goal of safely reopening K-12 schools for all, along with $15 million for broadband access here in Madison County,” Schumer added.

The senator explained that the massive costs of PPE, barriers, cleaning supplies, remote internet access, transportation and more for students and teachers are prohibitive to reopening plans, especially given potential 20% cuts to state and local education budgets. In order to meet this need, Schumer unveiled his legislative push crafted alongside U.S. Senator Patty Murray, the Coronavirus Child Care and Education Relief Act (CCCERA) which will include $175 billion in much-needed assistance for K-12 schools in the ‘Corona-4’ package, a significant amount of which New York would receive.

As schools continue to weigh the decision of welcoming students back to classrooms in just a few weeks, Schumer explained that without major help from the federal government, New York could be devastated and the nation may risk losing 4.5 million child care slots and losing 1.9 million education jobs, exacerbating students’ learning loss.

“The bottom line here is that the coronavirus brought with it unprecedented health and economic challenges for students, families, educators, and learning institutions across the country—challenges disproportionately felt by students of color, students from low-income families, students with disabilities, and more,” Schumer added. “So, action is needed now to save teaching jobs, preserve millions of child care slots, and ensure every student has access to a safe, quality education.”

Schumer is also pushing for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to approve Madison County’s request for $15 million to provide broadband for nearly 1,000 households in the county, which is vital to the education needs of kids during this pandemic, along with the economic strength and recovery of the region. He has further pledged to continue his efforts to secure direct aid for state and local governments to prevent cuts to education budgets.

Members of the CCSD Administration, Cazenovia College, Madison County, the Board of Education and other summertime staff were invited to be photographed along with Senator Schumer following his presser.

Highlighted aspects of the Coronavirus Child Care and Education Relief Act (CCCERA) Schumer will fight for in COVID-4 include:

$50 billion for a Child Care Stabilization Fund, to ensure that child care providers can stay open, educators can continue getting paid, and working families get tuition relief;

$1.5 billion to address and prevent child abuse and neglect, to support the child welfare workforce and to fund community-based prevention programs that strengthen families;

$345 billion for the Education Stabilization Fund, including:

$175 billion for K-12 schools, to help schools address learning loss, implement public health protocols, and provide quality education to all students—whether they open in-person, remotely, or a hybrid of both;

$132 billion for higher education, to help colleges and universities deliver a quality education for their students, implement public health protocols, and provide emergency financial aid to students for expenses like food, housing, child care, and technology;

$33 billion for a Governor’s Fund, to allow governors to allocate funds for needed educational services to areas of their states hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis.

Student Data Verification Form due by August 6th

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The Cazenovia School District is asking all parents and guardians in the district to complete this Student Data Verification Form (one for each child). The form was distributed Thursday, July 30th via SchoolMessenger to the email address listed on record for each parent and guardian in the database. As we near the 2020-2021 school year, important information will be distributed home to parents and guardians through various communication channels such as preferred email address, phone messages, mailings, and text messaging. Please submit the following Student Data Verification Form as soon as possible and before August 6th. Building office staff will cross-check responses against our current database to make sure all registered students’ information is current and correct. Office staff will be calling parents and guardians who have not responded. If you have not received a recent email from the District, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Burton Street Elementary School Office(315) 655-1325
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Middle School Office(315) 655-1324
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Jr.-Sr. High School Nurse(315) 655-1337
Jr.-Sr. High School Counseling Office(315) 655-5301
Special Education(315) 655-1361
Coordinator of Athletics & Communications(315) 655-1358
Assistant to Athletics & Communications Office(315) 655-1349
Technology Coordinator(315) 655-5303
School Lunch Manager(315) 655-5346
Transportation(315) 655-1326
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Superintendent of Schools(315) 655-1317
Cazenovia Central District Fax Number(315) 655-1375

Survey Response Data & Re-Open Plan Update

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Cazenovia C.S.D. has conducted multiple surveys in recent weeks to gain valuable feedback from parents, teachers, and students. Posted below are three document links that share the results of the surveys and a reopening plan update that was presented by district officials at the Board of Education meeting on July 27th. The school plans to submit its formal reopening plan to the State by Friday, July 31st. The District will post the Reopening Plan on the District website at that time. Thank you to all that have contributed your thoughts and ideas!

Remote Learning Survey Parents/Teachers/Students

Cazenovia C.S.D. Reopening Surveys by School Building

Re-Opening Plan Update – July 27, 2020

Reopening Parent Surveys Now Available

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Dear Families,

We hope that everyone has remained healthy and that you have a chance to enjoy a few well-deserved weeks of relaxation. We expect that all of you have been following with great interest the news related to schools’ reopening nationwide and here in NYS.

Last Thursday, we finally received the reopening guidance from Governor Cuomo and the State Education Department. The 145 page document is comprehensive in scope and we believe that, if followed, represents a roadmap for returning students, teachers, and staff to school as safely as possible. District compliant plans must be submitted to NYSED by July 31st. The Governor plans to announce the status of school openings the first week in August.

As the administration and our reopening committees dive deeply into the requirements, and make plans for meeting them, we are interested in your input to help us in this planning process. Of paramount importance in our planning is the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff.

Access to parent surveys for Burton Street, Cazenovia Middle School, and Cazenovia High School have been emailed to parents/guardians of students registered in the school district.

Your responses to these brief surveys are essential information for our planning process for reopening. Your responses at this time do not commit your family to a specific course of action.  We ask that you complete the brief survey for EACH ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN by Friday, July 24th in order to best help us in our planning.

If you have not received an email from the District with access to the parent surveys, please contact one or more of the following school personnel:

Burton Street Elementary: Principal, Kara May

Middle School: Principal, Amy Getman-Heringshaw

Cazenovia High School: Principal, Molly Hagan

Thank you,

Matt Reilly

Cazenovia, Superintendent of Schools

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