No Pre-Payment for 2018-19 School Taxes Allowed

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The Cazenovia School District official statement:
Our school district is not able to accommodate pre-payment of school taxes for federal tax purposes. Final payments of 2017-18 school taxes were due by November 6, 2017. We are not able to provide estimated tax bills for 2018-19. Our district will not adopt a budget and tax levy for that year until the May school budget votes.  We are not legally able to collect school taxes without a Tax Warrant set by the Board of Education.  The Board of Education cannot set the Tax Warrant until a budget is approved by the voters in May.  We do not have policies or procedures to collect partial payments in advance.
For further information, here are some quotes from a guidance document released by the New York State Council of School Superintendents:
  • During the conference call with reporters, the Governor and his budget director explained that the action was directed primarily at local governments which operate on a calendar year (January 1 – December 31) fiscal year. They acknowledged that facilitating pre-payment of property taxes may not be possible for most school districts.
  • The executive order does not suspend any provision of Article 13 of the Real Property Tax Law which governs the levy of property taxes for most school districts. Accordingly, we do not see the order as providing authority for school districts to adopt estimated or partial tax warrants for 2018-19 school taxes, nor to issue tax bills corresponding to those warrants.
  • Districts have not adopted budgets and tax levies for 2018-19, assessments have not been finalized, and equalization rates could change, so there could be discrepancies between any estimated tax bills now and actual ones next summer/fall.

Cazenovia Board of Education adopts 2014-15 budget proposal

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The Cazenovia Board of Education voted April 14 to adopt a $26,495,954 budget proposal for 2014-15 that increases spending 0.29 percent and carries a property tax increase of $168,237, or 1.01 percent. The fiscal plan includes the elimination of 9.4 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions, including two cleaners, one bus mechanic, three elementary teachers, one high school career technical education teacher, one teaching assistant, one monitor and one 0.4 FTE guidance/psychologist position. It also cuts some services contracted through the Board of Educational Cooperative Services and eliminates a family consumer science elective at the high school.

District expects $400,000 budget deficit

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The Cazenovia Central School District needs to reduce its dependence on fund balance to offset the money it continues to lose to the state’s Gap Elimination Adjustment, board members agreed during a March 10 budget work session. “Over the past four years, the GEA has cost Cazenovia taxpayers more than $5.3 million,” Assistant Superintendent William Furlong said. “And in the governor’s proposal for next year, we stand to lose another $1.04 million.” The GEA law was introduced in 2010-11 as a way to close the state’s then $10 billion budget deficit. Under the legislation, a portion of the funding shortfall at the state level is divided among all school districts throughout the state and reflected as a reduction in school district state aid. “The district has had to use fund balance and reserves to offset the loss of state aid revenue for the last four years,” Mr. Furlong said.  “But those balances are beginning to run dangerously low.”

There’s still time to learn about the GEA, call lawmakers

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School districts across New York, including Cazenovia, have been forced to make devastating cuts to educational programs as they adjust to rising costs that are outpacing revenue coming from New York state, thanks to the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA). The GEA law was introduced in 2010-11 as a way to close the state’s then $10 billion budget deficit. Under the legislation, a portion of the funding shortfall at the state level is divided among all school districts throughout the state and reflected as a reduction in school district state aid. The GEA has left a hole in many school district budgets — including in Cazenovia — in recent years. In the Executive Budget Proposal for 2014-15, which state lawmakers are currently considering, the GEA is continued. It shows up as a $1.04 million loss of aid for Cazenovia. That’s on top of the more than $5 million the district already has lost to the GEA since 2009.

Want to learn more about the GEA? Attend a forum, watch a video

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Have you been hearing a lot about the state’s Gap Elimination Adjustment, or GEA, but are not really sure what it is and how it impacts school districts? This video, produced by the Capital Region BOCES Communications Service, might help. The Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) law was first introduced for the 2010-11 fiscal year by then-Governor Paterson as a way to help close New York’s then $10 billion budget deficit. Under the legislation, a portion of the funding shortfall at the state level is divided among all school districts throughout the state and reflected as a reduction in school district state aid.

Back-to-school issue of Blue and Gold in the mail

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Blue and Gold (Back to School 2013)

Blue and Gold (Back to School 2013)

Be on the lookout for the September 2013 edition of the Blue and Gold newsletter, which should be arriving in the mail soon. 
Included in the newsletter are district policies and notifications that we urge you to review, become familiar with and keep for your reference throughout the school year. The issue also provides some updates on work undertaken in Cazenovia schools — on everything from curricula to facilities — over the summer break, as well as “welcome back” messages from Superintendent of Schools Robert S. Dubik, Cazenovia High School Principal Eric Schnabl and Assistant Principal Susan Vickers, Cazenovia Middle School Principal Jean Regan and Burton Street Elementary Principal Mary-Ann MacIntosh. If you have questions related to the policies or notifications included in the newsletter, please call the district office at (315) 655-1317. The newsletter is also available online.

Parent Today e-newsletter offers back-to-school advice

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Here’s a peek inside the latest edition of the Parent Today e-newsletter, which is available free to all Cazenovia Central School District residents: Preparing for the first day of school is about more than buying supplies
Excerpt: “What can we tell our children that will help them succeed in this school year and beyond? The messages we want to share are things they’ve heard before, but a little refresher never hurts…”
Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 10.36.18 AMBeware the down side of social media
Excerpt: “It is not a bad idea for parents and other family members to “friend” their children online. … Being “friends” gives parents oversight, a way to make sure their kids are safe and appropriate online. But don’t constantly “stalk” their pages or your teens might not want to be friends/followers anymore…”
Making fitness fun is just a click away
Excerpt: “It’s imperative that we find ways to motivate our children to make healthy choices that can help them avoid potential long-term, life-threatening illnesses. There are thousands of apps available for mobile devices, and many encourage fitness and healthy eating. Here are just a few we think are pretty cool…”
Embrace learning in the final weeks of summer
Excerpt: “Use these final weeks of summer to reinforce, and even enhance, the skills they have. Remember: children are like sponges. The more we share, the more they learn…”
Haven’t subscribed yet to Parent Today? It’s easy – and free. Find out more on the district website.

Back to School: Calendar & Bus Information

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Here are resources for the new school year, 2013-2014:
  • CalendarClick here to view the 2013-14 school events calendar and parents’ guide online.
  • Transportation: Bus routes and driver names for the new school year have been posted on the Cazenovia Central School District Transportation page. Check it out to see what adjustments have been made to routes for 2013-14.
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Parent-Player-Coach Meeting August 20th

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On Tuesday, August 20th, the Cazenovia Athletic Department is holding “Parent Night”.  All students playing varsity and JV fall sports and their parents are asked to attend an orientation meeting in the High School Auditorium starting at 6:00 PM.  After presentations by Mr. Byrnes, Athletic Coordinator, Ms. DeMario, Athletic Trainer, and a Cazenovia Athletic Association Board Member, the students and parents will “break-out” into other assigned school rooms to have team meetings led by the head coaches.  Parents and students playing modified sports are encouraged to attend, but not required.  All JV and varsity level students and parents are asked to join us. Go Lakers!

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