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May 2019

At the May 21st Board of Education meeting, ten students from Cazenovia High School presented on their experience representing New York at the United States Academic Decathlon National Competition in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The 2019 Cazenovia High School Academic Decathlon Team. Back Row: Gwen O’Brien, Kate Martellock, Riley O’Brien, Emma Lowry, Alex Holmes, Ian Melvin, Ronan DeFanti. Front Row: Allie Everard, Carter Williams, Alyson Woolbert.

Seniors Riley O’Brien and Ian Melvin won individual medals, while junior Kate Martellock was voted team MVP and received a scholarship for leading the team in scoring.

“It was an eye opening experience for just how strong our schools’ academics are” says team president Ronan DeFanti. “It is an experience that one can never forget”

Academic Decathlon is a scholastic competition consisting of tests in ten subjects: art, music, literature, math, economics, science, social science, essay, speech, and interview. Each test revolves around a common theme. This year’s theme was the 1960s.”

Preparation for Academic Decathlon requires balance. Each team member must participate in every test. Furthermore, teams must include 2-3 students with an “A” average, 2-3 with a “B” average, and 2-3 with a “C” average.

“It’s always frustrating when someone says they’re too dumb to join AD, when really it’s that perception that’s holding them back,” says Martellock, “It’s really about the effort you put in. It’s taught me how to work hard and study, which more often than not kids don’t know how to do for college.”

“Students just have to enjoy learning.” agrees coach Ben Wightman, “This competition isn’t solely about facts; it’s about discovering learning methods that work for each individual. It’s about communicating knowledge to teammates. It’s about creating fun opportunities to engage with the curriculum. We often make up our own review games. With so many different learning styles represented, we need to experiment.”

Between tests, students had opportunities for enrichment at the National Competition. They visited the Mall of America, and mingled with their “twin team” from Nanjing, China.

Meeting the Chinese students was a highlight of the trip for sophomore Alyson Woolbert, who reflects “It was great getting to know our “twin team” because we got to experience a little bit of a different culture without traveling across the world.”

Despite their success, the students are not resting on their laurels. “Overall, we placed 8th in the small schools division” explains Riley O’Brien. “We plan to continue improving our overall team score, fundraise diligently, and, with a little luck, we hope to represent New York at nationals again next year in Anchorage, Alaska.” The students will not have to wait long to get started. Materials for the coming year are expected to begin shipping this week.

Special thanks to Mr. Ben Wightman for authoring this article.

Lions Club Student of the Month Awards Announced

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Congratulations to Ava Hartley, Jack Wright, and Andrew Falso for being named Lions Club Students of the month!

Ava Hartley, a junior at Cazenovia High School, has been selected as the Cazenovia Lions Club Student of the Month for March 2019.  Ava is the daughter of Will Hartley & Tara Zumpano of New Woodstock.

Ava’s nomination, by faculty member Kim Schug, reads as follows:

“Ava is a junior in my Algebra II course.  As a student she is exceptional.  She works incredibly hard and is able to work in any type of group.  As a person she is wonderful.  Ava always has a smile on her face and she is truly a pleasure to teach.  She is involved in many extra-curricular activities from sports to music.  Ava is a great role model for our younger students.  She would be an outstanding Lions Club Student of the Month.”

The Cazenovia Lions Club is pleased to recognize Ava as being a great role model for younger students.

Jack Wright, a freshman at Cazenovia High School, has been selected as the Cazenovia Lions Club Student of the Month for April 2019.  Jack is the son of Stuart and Nancy Wright of Cazenovia.

Jack’s nomination, by faculty member Kristina Chiarello, reads as follows:

“Jack is simply such an outstanding student in his English 9 class! Jack comes to class every day with a smile, ready to work, motivated to do well. He participates in a meaningful way and does so in a way that brings joy and thoughtfulness to the classroom. Currently, in our study of Romeo and Juliet, he is reading/acting the part of Romeo and has thrown himself into the role over the past few weeks – reading with emotion and zest. Jack is such a good kid – always does the right thing – works hard to do well – and is a complete joy to have as a student!”

The Cazenovia Lions Club is pleased to recognize Jack for the joy and enthusiasm he brings to the classroom.  May his zest be contagious!

Andrew Falso, a freshman at Cazenovia High School, has been selected as the Cazenovia Lions Club Student of the Month for April 2019.  Andrew is the son of Dave and Christy Falso of Cazenovia.

Andrew’s nomination, by faculty member Claudia Johnson, reads as follows:

“Andrew is a dedicated student who has been extremely helpful to all students in his Earth Science Class, with inclusive students. Any student that he is partnered with in lab benefits from working with Andrew due to his hard work, patience and ability to communicate effectively. In addition to helping his lab partners he has befriended and helped students in need in class on a consistent basis. His patience and kindness is so phenomenal and he has gone out of his way to keep helping other students and improve his experience in class. Andrew would make a wonderful teacher, doctor, social worker or any occupation that requires patience, dedication and kindness. Andrew has shown how inclusion can be a great experience for all students. Watching him help with fellow students is truly inspirational and I would love to see Andrew recognized for this by the Cazenovia Lions Club.”

The Cazenovia Lions Club is pleased to recognize Andrew for the patience and kindness shown to his fellow students.

Nominations for new students of the month can be sent to Mrs. Carroll or Mrs. Hagan in the High School Office.

Senior Class Book Drive Benefits Golisano Children’s Hospital

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Cazenovia High School seniors created a book drive to donate books to Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. Within a two week period, they were able to collect over 100 books. The senior class was asked to bring in new children’s books, along with chapter books up to a seventh grade reading level. Four seniors: Laura Clements, Chris Hale, Courtney Holt, and Jake Marconi, and their class advisors, Nicole Littlepage and Trisha Moesch, delivered the books on April 5th after school. Once the books were brought to the hospital, they will then be distributed around to the children by the hospital’s librarian. The children are able to choose one book to bring home. The books that aren’t chosen are then given to new families in America or families who may need some new books for their toddlers of young teen readers.

To sum up the experience, being able to have the opportunity to give back to a community other than my own was heartwarming. While going through all the books, I couldn’t believe how many we had collected. The group that went to the hospital to give the books are such amazing people! I hope the children will enjoy the books, and I also hope that this will turn into a tradition at Cazenovia High School.     

Article written by Laura Clements, Class of 2019

HS Tech Club Wins Awards at SUNY Poly Competition

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Congratulations to the Caz HS Tech club as they returned home from a drone competition at SUNY Polytechnic in Utica with two awards: One for 3rd place overall, and one for “Innovation in 3D Printing”.

The drones were built by team members from scratch and included 3d printed parts that they designed and built and carbon fiber airframes. The competition was called Fury in the Forest and was a forest fire scenario where they had to complete tasks such as save hikers in the forest and carry supplies to firefighters in the area.

Congrats to both teams!

2019 AP Exam Schedule

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2019 AP Exam Schedule

Monday, May 6

8 a.m.

  • United States Government and Politics

12 p.m.

  • Chinese Language and Culture

Tuesday, May 7

12 p.m.

  • Physics 1: Algebra-Based

Wednesday, May 8

8 a.m.

  • English Literature and Composition

Thursday, May 9

8 a.m.

  • Chemistry

Friday, May 10*

8 a.m.

  • United States History

*Studio Art – Last day for coordinators to submit digital portfolio (by 8 p.m. ET) and to gather 2-D Design and Drawing students for physical assembly.

Monday, May 13

8 a.m.

  • Biology

Tuesday, May 14

8 a.m.

  • Calculus AB

Wednesday, May 15

8 a.m.

  • English Language and Composition

Thursday, May 16

8 a.m.

  • World History

Friday, May 17

12 p.m.

  • Computer Science A

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