Mrs. New attends Empowered RISE Conference in Nashville

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Business Teacher, Christina New, represents the Cazenovia School District, serving as the New York State Ambassador at…

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Félicitations! Felicidades! Congratulations!  At this week’s Board of Education meeting, a group of 23 senior French and Spanish students were recognized and awarded the Seal of Biliteracy.

The New York State Seal of Biliteracy recognizes high school seniors who have attained a high level of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in one or more languages, in addition to English and acknowledges the importance of being bilingual in today’s global society.  It highlights the years of hard work and achievement of students, and encourages them to pursue language study while in school. The distinction of attaining biliteracy is noted on their high school transcript, a NYS seal is affixed on their diploma, and the students receive a certificate as well as a medal to wear with their graduation robes.

To earn the seal, students must meet the initial ELA and World Language requirements then declare their intent to participate in the process.  In order to demonstrate an Intermediate-High level of proficiency in the second language, students choose a research topic and prepare an extensive portfolio with aspects of the target culture embedded throughout, and then present and defend their portfolio in front of a panel of evaluators in the target language, French or Spanish.  This is our 3rd year participating in this program.

Here is a sampling of research topics our students chose to explore this year:

• Architecture 

• Refugees

• Women’s Rights

• Environmental Issues 

• Racism 

• Religion

• Early Childhood

• Space Programs

• Cultural Immersion

• Immigration

• LGBTQ Rights

• Crime

• Beauty

• Guatemala

• Health Care

The World Language Department would like to thank the administration and Board of Education for supporting our program and students; with a special thank you to Ben New for heading up our committee and being our administrative liaison with OCM BOCES and the State Office of Bilingual Education, as well as faculty members Christie Brenneck, Wendy Everard and Melissa Forrett who helped support us with the ELA and Guidance elements of this process.

Last but not least, we want to thank the students for stepping up to this challenge and for the years of hard work to reach this level.  We are so very proud of you!!  Bravo!!

2021 recipients:

Albicker, Dylan

Berson, Aeden

Baker, Ethan

Brown, Cristina

Buckley, Jakob

Chesbrough, Mia

Comfort, Logan

Degeilh, Grace (also the World Language Department Award recipient this year)

DeLeon, Slater

Dolan, Kiara

Emerson, Olivia

Hart, Molly

Hausser, Helen

Knapp, Emily

Lines, Daniel

Michael, Max

Royer, Nina

Sayre, Mae

Shon, Hayden

Sorbello, Lily

Twohig, Lillian

Williams, Carter

Yavorska, Anastasiya

YEARBOOK Delivery information & Digital Signing Option!

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The CCS yearbook will be a full year yearbook covering events through graduation. That means there will be a summer parking lot pick up day announced for yearbooks, likely by mid-August. Please watch this web page and be on the lookout for a school email when we know the delivery date. This change needed to be made in order to cover the many events, clubs and sports that were pushed to the spring due to the pandemic. This was noted in earlier sales messages and with the students at school. We are sorry for any confusion this change in delivery has caused; no yearbooks are here ready for delivery yet. The book looks fantastic and will be well worth the wait to include all the coverage from the full year. Even though students will be able to get signatures in their books on delivery day, and in the fall next year, they are also welcome to take part in the digital signing while they wait for the actual books.

The Caz High School Yearbook Staff and Josten’s hope that ALL students, even if they didn’t purchase the yearbook, will go to to continue the tradition of signing yearbooks with funny messages and heartfelt notes by using the FREE digital signing link. Each person that signs up will get their own unique URL to share with trusted friends and teachers who they want to sign THEIR yearbook. Note, this is NOT something to generally post on social media, instead send individual invites to just those you wish to invite to sign your pages. You will create your own password to administer your account; all you need is a working email address. Student’s pages are PRIVATE in that ONLY those INVITED to sign can see signatures on those pages, however, the people you do invite will be able to see what others have written.

Only invite friends who you wouldn’t mind having flip through your pages of personal comments; invite as few or as many people as you like. Each student has the ability to delete any comments they want before printing their pages.  Once you are happy with your pages and have made any edits you wish, you can download a PDF to print out as a permanent keepsake to put in your yearbook if you bought one. Even if you didn’t buy a yearbook, the messages are fun to keep anywhere you like. We sincerely hope you will use this safe and responsible social distancing format to continue the tradition of signing yearbooks while we wait for the actual yearbooks to arrive.

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