French Class Enjoys Visit from Brewster Inn Chef Franks

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In April, the 7th grade French class enjoyed a visit from Chef Stephen Franks, one of the owners of the Brewster Inn. He provided “escargots” for students to taste, and helped the students prepare “crème brûlée” and “crêpes Suzette” as desserts. He spoke to the students about the importance of French in culinary science, both historically and currently. Per Chef Franks, the French were the first to write down recipes and cooking techniques. Consequently, culinary science uses a lot of French even today, and he had to learn 300 French cooking terms in three short weeks in order to graduate from culinary school! Students enjoyed Chef Franks’ visit, and we hope that you will stop by and see him at the Brewster!

Pictures (left to right): (1) Chef Franks with his daughter Olivia, a 7th grade student, (2) Students sample escargots with fresh French bread and butter, (3) (4) and (5) Students prepare some crêpes, (6) “Crême brûlée” is finished off, (7) (8) more crêpe fun…oh là là!



6th Grade French Students Named Virtual Video Winners

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Four 6th grade French students were named the top Virtual Video Winners in New York State! The contest was sponsored by the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers.

The starring students were:
Julia Bush, Ava Galton, Cassia Race, Olivia Ruddy

You may view the complete results at and view the video by clicking on “Chez Laure”.

Félicitations / Congratulations!

Middle School French Students Learn about African Career Opportunity

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In April, Middle School French students learned about an interesting career opportunity on the continent with 6 of the top 10 largest French speaking cities in the world: Africa (TouristMaker, 2018). Ms. Kate McMahon spoke to students about her experience serving with the Peace Corps in Senegal. Students were able to see Senegalese clothing, hear Senegalese music, and explore Senegalese food and culture. Currently, Africa accounts for 55% of native French speakers in the world (International Organization of Francophonie, 2014), and largely due to its growth, some economists believe French could be the most widely spoken language globally by 2050 (P. Gobry, Forbes, 2014). French is already spoken by 274 million people (International Organization of Francophonie, 2014) and is projected to be the most-spoken language in Europe by 2025 (Cook, 2018).

5th Graders do Community Service Project

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Mrs. Slocum’s fifth grade class participated in community service at the Thorp Apiary on Lincklaen Road. Their job was to pick up the trimmings from the apple orchards. In just under an hour they were able to accomplish what would have taken the apiary many hours. Many hands make light work sure was proven to be true. 

M.S. Citizens of the Quarter Announced

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Congratulations to our 3rd Quarter Citizens of the Quarter. This honor is awarded to a student who displays good manners, a positive attitude, a consideration for others, cooperative behavior and a responsibility toward self and school in an exemplary manner.  Students are nominated by their teachers who use specific examples to explain why they feel their nominee has earned this honor.  It emphasizes attributes that are not easily measured by grade reports.

Congratulations to: Kyle Caraher, Robert Livingston, Colin Mildenberger, Chase Shepard, Rae Western, JJ Wilkinson, James Huftalen, Asya Sozen, Kooper Wilmot, Jaden Kaplan, Anna Proctor, Mya Skeele, Max Vidakovic, Addison Maliga, Bel Lazarsky, Olivia Franks, Evan Rice, Samantha Kuper and Raeny Thompson

Cazenovia Middle School Canned Food Drive

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The Cazenovia middle school kicked off their canned food drive, “BRING IT” in February. Students brought in canned food for Caz Cares. After asking what Caz Cares could use most during the month of February, point values were given to such items. Peanut Butter was worth 4 points, Cereal – 3 points, Canned Soup – 2 points and all other items – 1 point. Homerooms tried to bring in more of those items then other homerooms, which created a fun competition and over 1000 items for Caz Cares. Top homerooms included: Mrs. Spinelli’s 7th grade homeroom, Mrs. Henneberry’s 6th grade homeroom, and overall school champion, Mrs. Slocum’s 5th grade homeroom. We are so proud of the effort by all our students to help our community, they truly “BROUGHT IT”!!!

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