Community School Safety Forum Update

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On Wednesday, March 21 Cazenovia CSD and Project Cafe sponsored a community presentation and open forum on school safety.  After brief presentations by Superintendent Matt Reilly and Director of Facilities, Matt Erwin, who is also the School’s Safety Coordinator, nearly 100 participants broke out into round tables to do a S.W.O.T analysis on perceptions of Cazenovia’s school safety.  In S.W.O.T., S stands for “strengths”, W for “weaknesses”, O for “opportunities”, and T for “threats”.
People attend a meeting and look at messages on post up paper sheets.

                                           Photo courtesy of Jason Emerson, Cazenovia Republican

The summative results of those round table discussions are posted below.  The numbers in parenthesis to the right of each comment represents comments that were listed by multiple tables.

S.W.O.T Analysis

STRENGTHS • Small Community/School District (11) -Close proximity to local law enforcement and fire department (3) -Strong relationships with these agencies (3) -Allows student involvement • Small Facilities with limited access points (7) • Approachable and engaged Faculty and Staff who show their presence and want to help (7) Support systems are in place through the Guidance/Counseling Office • Communication: Effective & Strong (7) -Via: School Messenger • School is proactive and taking matters seriously (5) -Strong response from Administration -Effective Safety Drills in place with up to date training • School has surveillance (4) • Parents are engaged, aware and involved (4) • All District Employees wear ID badges as well as visitors (3) • Community Forums (2) -Opportunities for group collaboration, direct communication between Superintendent and staff about recent threats -Open Administration who want to hear ideas to improve the safety and security • Rachel’s Challenge (2) • Students feel safe-not intimated (2) • Drills in place for lock downs and consistent monitoring of plans and execution (1) • SWAT Training occurs in our facilities (1) • Strong Student Voice (1) • Locked classroom doors (1) WEAKNESSES • Lack of Communication (6) -Between staff/students/parents/community -Specifically between students and teachers (1) -School Messenger did not alert all parents of recent threat (1) • CCSD does not have a Security Resource Officer (4) • Building Security -Lack of security for after school activities High School/Middle School -Unable to exit 2nd & 3rd floor (1) -Small parking lot with difficult traffic pattern (1) -Lack of safety at bus circle (1) Burton Street -Doors unlocked/Assemblies open to all who wish to attend (2) -Increase screening procedure prior to visitor entry: asking for ID (2) • No metal detectors/safety wire (2) • Classroom/Gym/Cafeteria doors cannot be lock easily (2) • Lack of security/supervision at Sports Complex (2) • Funding (2) -Not enough social workers (1) -No Resource Officer (1) • Visitor Access (3) -Visitors are not escorted • A small community can be complacent, insulated and too trusting (3) • Lack of varied scenarios: What do kids do who are not in a classroom at the time (3) • Those who need help, don’t reach out as they feel they are labeled (2) • Lack of extracurricular activities for those who do not participate in sports (1) -Lack of transportation/late buses (1) OPPORTUNITIES • Security Resource Officer (8) • Facility/Technology Upgrades (7 ) -Ability to scan licenses -Metal Detectors -Bullet Proof Doors & Glass -Utilize the capabilities of School Messenger • Create a CCSD App to communicate -Door Stops (2) -Magnet Strip for doors (2) -Ability to lock classroom doors from inside (2) -Accessible lock down button/alarm (1) • Mental Health Screening (4) -Require all students to meet with a social worker of psychologist (1) • Increase local Law Enforcement involvement and presence in our schools (4) -Lock down drills with local Law Enforcement present (1) • Education of Students -“See something, say something.” (2) -Inform students of the dangers of the internet and social media (2) -“Teen Bonding” Program (1) -Open forum for students with Guidance Dept./Social Workers (1) -Teach students about “coping strategies” (1) • Educate Faculty/Staff -How to setup your classroom to best be prepared (1) -Monitoring students on social media (1) • Strengthen guidance programs and relationships with students (1) • Create Community planning groups (2) • Give 1st Responders access to the buildings (1) • Increase Awareness and Involvement -Parents (1) -Administration/Teachers/Staff/Bus Drivers (1) • Protocol for Visitors -Ask questions (1) -Ask for ID (1) • Explore opportunities for security funding (1) • Limit building access for after school activities (1) THREATS • Funding (12) • Social Media (7) -Rumors (1) • Political Correctness (3) -A social divide on security and gun laws -Opposing views -Fortress vs. needing to prevent and respond to threats -Complacency • Student Exposure to violence in movies/TV/video games (3) • Lack of Mental Health Support (2) • Communication Consistency (2) • Willingness to change (2) -Mindset, “It won’t happen here.” • Fencing around the MS playground (1) • Keeping students safe while maintaining school spirit (1) • Oversharing of security measures (1) • Parent’s need to monitor their children: What they do and what they say (1) • Students not feeling comfortable to say something (1) • Split families: Custody confusion (1) The editor of the Cazenovia Republican, Mr. Jason Emerson, who is also a parent in our district, participated in the S.W.O.T analysis and posted an informative article in the Cazenovia Republican March 26th.  A link to his article & photographs is posted here:

School Safety Forum, Wednesday, March 21st, 7 p.m.

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The district in conjunction with Project Cafe will be hosting a School Safety Forum in the HS Gym Wednesday, March 21st at 7:00 p.m. There will be an overview of the district’s current safety measures followed by table discussions and SWOT analyses regarding keeping our students safe. We encourage students, parents, and community to attend.

Caz Middle School Community Generously Fills A Box With Socks

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As we approached the holidays at Cazenovia Middle School, students and staff were asked to lend a hand and help spread kindness in little ways. During the month of December we wondered who might be able to spare a warm dry pair of socks to share with those less fortunate. The generous members of our school community helped by donating dozens of new pairs of cozy socks, placing them in collection boxes located throughout the building. The goal was to try to fill a giant box with socks! In total, over 130 pairs were gathered and brought to the Syracuse Rescue Mission to be distributed to folks in need just in time for our cold Central New York winter! We try to prove every day in little ways that kindness counts at Cazenovia Middle School!

Wonder How The Cazenovia Middle School Is Promoting Kindness?

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Mr. Reynolds (left) and Mrs. Frear (right)

  CAZENOVIA M.S. – One way is by asking students to participate in an anti-bullying poster contest. Over 50 students in fifth, sixth, and seventh grades submitted their creations! A panel of celebrity judges, including superintendent of schools Mr. Matt Reilly, village mayor Mr. Kurt Wheeler, school board member Mr. Mark Goris, high school art teachers Ms. Julie Freer and Mr. Adam Reynolds, and the incomparable Ms. Lou Turner, deliberated to select the top three posters. After careful consideration, looking at creativity, content, and craftsmanship, judges chose the work of Rachael Caraher (fifth grade) Meghan Mehlbaum (sixth grade) and Emma Puffer (sixth grade). Each of these students won two tickets to see the new movie, “Wonder”, which promotes compassion and kindness! All the students who participated in the contest were given “Wonder” bookmarks, and their posters were put on display around the Middle School building. Congratulations to all our students for sharing their WONDERful ideas supporting kindness!

From left to right: Mr. Reilly, Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Goris

Christmas Giving 2017 Burton St. & MS

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Dear Parents, With the holidays fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about supporting a local organization that offers assistance to the Cazenovia Community and surrounding areas. This year, we have once again chosen Caz Cares to receive the gifts of kindness from our Burton Street and Middle School Holiday Sharing Program. Your​ ​generous​ ​donations​ ​directly​ ​help families​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Cazenovia​ ​School​ ​District. There are several ways that you may want to consider giving. Caz Cares is always in need of non-perishable​ ​food​ ​items​ to stock their shelves, new​ ​hats​ ​and​ ​mittens​ in various shapes and sizes, or a new​ ​game​ ​or​ ​toy​ ​that will go to a child in need. All gift donations should be unwrapped. Each entrance at Burton Street and Cazenovia Middle School will have festively decorated and labeled boxes to receive your gifts of kindness. We hope your family will take the time to discuss ways that you would like to share this holiday season. We understand that with these economic times that some families will not be able to contribute and that is okay. Your child will see the spirit of giving in the donations that are given as a school community. The project will start on Monday,​ ​November​ ​27​. All donations need to be brought in no later than Thursday,​ ​December​ ​7th. Thank you in advance for your family’s generosity. Our school community is committed to building character in our student body. One of our core character traits is sharing. This is a very worthwhile project that teaches that valuable lesson to the young and old alike. Have a wonderful holiday season.

New Faculty Orientation 2017-2018

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Several new faculty members to the Cazenovia CSD participate in a new faculty orientation organized by the District on Tuesday & Wednesday, August 24/25.  More detailed professional biographies will be published in the September/October issue of the Blue and Gold Newsletter.  We welcome these new staff members and wish them a great school year! From Left to Right: Ms. Billie Linder – Physical Education, Mrs. Christy Allen – Kindergarten, Mrs. Katie Ball McGinnis – Elementary Art, Mrs. Julia Bliss – 2nd Grade, Mr. Ben Wightman – H.S. Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Amy Sumner – M.S. Special Education, Ms. Tracy Ryan, 1st Grade, and Ms. Samantha Froio, School Psychologist (intern)

Strategic Planning Update

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Submitted by Dr. Terry Ward, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction As you may know Cazenovia Central Schools is currently creating a five year Strategic Plan. The CORE Team is finalizing the focus areas for our school district. The CORE team members have been working hard to develop our focus areas. After the focus areas have been identified experts within each field will be contacted to work on district goals. Cazenovia Central School District will identify 3-4 focus areas, which will help our district continue to grow and improve. Also, at the beginning of the school year professional development will allow all stakeholders in each school building to examine data, draw conclusions, and begin to create building goals. The creation of a 5-year strategic plan will create a road map for continued growth and achievement. We are very excited about our work. The current goal is for the CORE Team Members to share a completed 5-year strategic plan with the Board of Education this fall. If you would like more information about the strategic plan please visit our website and click on the Strategic Planning 2017 logo.

Lisa Smith, Natalie Mehlbaum, Eric Knuth, Jim Steinberg, Lou Orbach, Nate Franz, and Peter Ciarelli


Lisa Fostveit, Tammy Farrell, Jonathan Benn, and Margaret Sevier

Matt Reilly, Jim Giardina, Barb Cudney, Laura Connor, and Kara May

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