Caz Student Uses AI to Create Digital Art

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AI Generated Graphic by Harper

Rio Harper, sophomore at Cazenovia High School, used his Manufacturing independent study to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI), creating completely unique pieces of art. During his time as a remote learner, Rio has learned Machine Learning from YouTube videos and blog posts. From there, he created rudimentary text prediction software, poems and music all using clever coding. 

Throughout the year, he produced more and more advanced projects, eventually culminating in a proposal to create a neural network that creates unique art, along with a technical explanation and a tutorial, which was recently published on Medium. After a month of research and development, he was able to generate hundreds of thousands of completely unique pieces of art. He applied a variety of styles by using the masterpieces of Zdzisław Beksiński, Rene Magritte, Salvador Dalí and others. The purpose of the project was to pose the question: What is the line between art and image? Therefore, are the images produced by Rio considered simply textures and colors which were mashed together or is there a deeper, more philosophical reasoning behind each image. “This is something that will be brought into question more and more as Machine Learning becomes more prevalent in our daily world,” stated Harper. 

This is only the beginning of Harper’s endeavour. “Artificial Intelligence is not just a jumble of graphs, nor is it only for science. The creative applications are severely underrepresented and I want to change that,” added Rio. Harper will continue to release tutorials for each of his projects which will state his methods, hopefully enticing others to become interested in this field as well. 

Next up for Rio is cloning his own voice and then conducting an interview with his AI counterpart. He will be visiting Stanford and Cornell this summer as he looks to his own educational future and the future of AI.

You can Harper’s tutorial and technical explanation here:



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