Congratulations to this year’s Retirees!

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Cazenovia Central School District congratulates the following dedicated employees who have announced retirements from the District. We wish them all well in the next chapter of their lives!

The 2020 retirees were all given an opportunity to say a few words about retiring and their careers, and we recognize each retiree below.

Dr. Jean Regan, Middle School Principal

Total years at CCSD: 35 as a Teacher, Coach, Assistant High School Principal, Middle School Principal

“It has been my sincere honor to have been a member of the Cazenovia Central School District. Our parents, faculty, support staff, and administration have always had our students as their priority.  I have had the opportunity to work with dedicated teachers who spent endless hours planning their lessons and providing instruction to best meet the needs of our varied learners. Most importantly, I have witnessed their love and caring for the children as they passed through the Middle School.  Our parent and community collaboration surpassed expectations.  This partnership has been the key to our success as a district.”

“During my administrative career I have worked with five different superintendents and numerous district and building level leaders. Each has provided me with support and opportunities to grow.  I am especially grateful to Tom Long who nurtured my transition from teacher to administrator.  I have been most fortunate to have colleagues who shared a vision for creating an environment for the social, emotional, and academic needs of all students. Our district has recently faced unique challenges. The leadership of Matt Reilly and Ben New has guided us through these uncharted times with unwavering dedication to supporting all facets of our district. Along with Mary-Ann MacIntosh, their friendship has given me great strength for which I am very thankful.”

“I have been blessed to watch my own children grow and develop from kindergarten to graduation under the care of our school community.  Their teachers, administrators, and coaches molded their development through the ever changing phases of their lives.  I will be forever grateful for this and could not have hoped for a better district to raise our kids.”

“My wish for all of our students as I retire is that each one could be as fortunate as I have been to find a career to love as much as I have loved mine.”

Judy Bargabos, Teaching Assistant

Total years at CCSD: 20+

“After 20 years there are just too many to thank, but I will miss them all!”

Editor’s note: And we will miss you Judy!

Mary-Ann MacIntosh, Burton Street Principal (3rd from the right)

What years did you work at CCSD? “I have been the principal at Burton Street Elementary School for the past 16 years.”

When asked what are you proud of, Mrs. MacIntosh wrote, “I am [proud] of Burton Street being recognized as a Blue Ribbon School, and I am also proud of the Character Ed program we now have at Burton Street. Both of these are a credit to the staff for their dedication and efforts to support our students both academically and socially.”

Who are some colleagues you worked closely with that you would like to mention, or thank?  “I would like to thank former Superintendent, Bob Dubik for providing me the opportunity to work in the Cazenovia District. The Caz. Admin. team under the direction and support of Matt Reilly has allowed me to be challenged and grow as an educator.

“Most of all I would like to thank my staff for their support both professionally and personally throughout my years at Burton Street. It is their continued dedication to our students that has made us the best district. I have been honored to work with all the staff in Cazenovia! Thank You!”

Any personal comments that you would like to share with your colleagues, students, and the community?  “I would like to thank the community for their support throughout my years at Burton Street and for being such a great team member of Burton Street! I especially would like to thank the Burton Street PTA for their support with SO MANY things! Such an awesome group of parents giving so much of their time to our students to make Burton Street even better!”

In the photo from left to right are (from above): “My son-in-law, David Caraccio with my granddaughter, Ivy May, Abby, my daughter, my daughter-in-law, Hannah MacIntosh, myself, my ex-husband, David MacIntosh, and my son, Todd MacIntosh”

Barb Cudney, Teaching Assistant (1st on the left)

Years worked at CCSD:  2002-2020, 17 years

Job Titles: TA Burton Street, TA Middle School MTSS/Reading, TA Middle School, CUE Negotiating Team, CUE TA Representative

What I am proud of: “I am proud of how hard my students worked. When other students had a study hall and free time to do homework, my students came to lab with a willingness and an eagerness to learn and participate.  They also worked hard through this pandemic, showing up at our Google meets prepared and engaged.”

“I would especially like to thank Karyn Scanlon, Margaret Davis, Kate Henneberry, and Jenny Bailey for welcoming me into their classrooms. Two former employees at CCSD that made a profound difference in my career are Linda Clark, who suggested I apply for a TA position, and my dear friend Kathy Morse, who was a wonderful colleague, and is a dear friend that I could and can always count on for guidance and advice.”

“I look forward to coming back to the Middle School as a substitute teacher.  After all, “the Middle School is a great place to be!”

People in the photo above are: “My son, Lee – CCSD Class of 2012, my daughter, Jeanette – CCSD Class of 2014, and my husband, Ray”

Freeda Windland, ELL Teacher

“I began my teaching career at Cazenovia High School in 1993. For those that remember, it was an extremely harsh winter. A March snowstorm began at 10 a.m. and there was a mad scramble to transport the students home. To my surprise, many of the high schoolers came back to school to help shovel the teachers’ cars out. This memory is indicative of the many instances of acts of kindness I have observed over the years.”

“Cazenovia students are very special. They are warm, curious, sincere and caring.”

“I have worn many hats as the high school reading teacher, English teacher, and ELL teacher at every level in our district. Each grade is unique and I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with so many great teachers.”

“I thank everyone for their wisdom, support, and humor. I wish everyone good health and happiness.”

With appreciation,
Freeda Windland

Carol Rotondo (McMichael), Middle School Teacher

What years did you work at CCSD?
September 1989 – June 2020

What jobs/titles did you take on during your career?
31 years at Cazenovia Middle School:
      a.  sixth grade language arts and science teacher
      b.  seventh grade science teacher

What are you proud of?
“I am proud witnessing the delight of students taking pride in their achievements.  I am proud of helping students experience self-respect and dignity for a job well done. Notes from students and parents thanking me for setting high expectations and helping them meet those expectations are treasures to me because they reflect an important value I worked hard to instill in students through example.”

“Also, I am proud of my two daughters.  What a joy it has been to have raised two confident and caring daughters. I have experienced great pride and joy watching them grow into beautiful young adults.”

Who are some colleagues you worked closely with that you would like to mention, or thank?

“I want to thank Jean Regan, who has provided leadership and support as my building principal through all 31 years of my career. Also, I would like to thank the teachers that welcomed and supported me both as a colleague and a friend when I moved to Cazenovia to start my teaching career. Today, they still inspire and guide me with their friendship and wisdom.  Thank you for the shared laughter and joy. And thank you for supporting me during all of the challenges and struggles.”

Any personal comments that you would like to share with your colleagues, students, and the community?

“It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have worked in this community. I will forever cherish the decades of memories of students, families, and coworkers that I have met and worked with along the way.”

“I am looking forward to spending my retirement with activities that nourish my curiosity and creativity such as cooking, reading and exploring the world with my husband, Rob. We will enjoy being lifelong learners through our shared love of travel and sailing.”

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