David Kempf and Paige Nardella Selected Lions Club Students of the Month

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David Kempf, a senior at Cazenovia High School has been selected as the Cazenovia Lions Club Student of the Month for March, 2015. David is the son of Andrew and Beth Ann Kempf of New Woodstock. David is a talented young student musician who uses his gift to benefit, inspire and motivate others. He has been a driving force in our music program since 9th grade.  He has participated in Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble and is a member of the Tri M Music Honor Society.  He has also participated in the Men’s A cappella Ensemble, rehearing before school in the mornings and encouraging younger singers to join.  He is always available for performances outside of school and has sung the National Anthem at community events. What David is “most famous for” is his participation in the High School Drama productions, playing lead roles in “Beauty and the Beast” (Gaston) and “Singin’ In The Rain” (Cosmo Brown). Audiences have thoroughly enjoyed him in these roles but his contribution has not been limited to the stage.  David has been a leader both on stage and behind the scenes.  This year, in particular, he was involved in planning for the show, helping to communicate needs between the set construction crew and staging directors.  David was enthusiastic, making helpful suggestions and assisting others in order to make the production a success. He was responsible and dedicated to learning his own role and gave extra time to help his fellow cast members reach their potential. He also took on the planning of the cast party, organizing communication between students and parents, collecting money for food, etc. In short, David cheerfully accepted any and all challenges in order to help bring about a positive experience for himself and his Drama Club peers. We have received many comments about the sense of camaraderie and teamwork that was evident in Singin’ In The Rain. David Kempf was hugely instrumental in creating that positive atmosphere. His dedication to the Dram Club and passion for excellence is greatly appreciated. The Cazenovia Lions Club is pleased to recognize David for his school service and leadership. David Kempf High School Principal, Mr. Knuth, David Kempf, and Lions Club Member, Glenn Savage   Paige Nardella, a junior at Cazenovia High School, has been selected as Cazenovia Lions Club Student of the Month for April 2015.  Paige is the daughter of Andrew and Bari Nardella of Cazenovia.  The Lions Club Student of the Month selection is based upon exemplary school and/or community service. Paige is a dedicated student who always comes to classes well prepared and with a positive attitude. She is a positive role model for others. She has been class treasurer for three years and works tirelessly behind the scenes, often giving up lunch times and free periods, to ensure that class events go well and that her classmates have a wonderful time. Because of her responsible attitude and dedication, Paige has earned high regard from both students and faculty. The Cazenovia Lions Club is pleased to honor Paige for her leadership, initiative and impact on her peers Paige Nardella Associate Principal, Ms. Vickers, Paige Nardella, and Lions Club Member, Glenn Savage Student of the Month nominations can be made by students, school staff members, parents or community members. Nomination forms are available from the Assistant Principal’s Office at Cazenovia High School or from the Cazenovia Lions Club.  

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