Strategic Plan 2008-2013

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Components of our Strategic Plan: Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Beliefs, District Statement of Influencing Factors, Goals, Data Scan, Gap Analysis, Action Plans, and Evaluation Process


In 2008 our students are enthusiastic about learning, seek positive challenges, and learn from their experiences.  They show respect for the differences in others,  have highly developed academic skills, and in all settings they demonstrate honesty and integrity.  Their performance on New York State assessment measures exceeds all New York State Standards and exceeds the performance level of similar schools. Our students learn from articulate and personable teachers who use a variety of research based techniques and activities to make learning effective, meaningful and exciting for all students with varying levels of ability. Parents and community members view our school as a family-like structure where every single child is respected and valued.  The publication of data on student achievement, the accomplishments of our students in music, art, educational technology and athletics as well as the future success of our graduates is a source of pride for residents of the Cazenovia Central School District.


At Cazenovia Central: Each individual will strive to attain his/her potential in a positive and safe learning environment in which the entire school community encourages self-worth, a sense of responsibility, a caring attitude, an appreciation of learning, and distinguished achievement of required academic standards.


  • Student achievement should be identified by multiple measures and in multiple areas.
  • Every member of our educational community (students, parents and staff) can learn and be successful.
  • Education is a cooperative responsibility requiring a strong partnership between the school and community.
  • A high quality school strives to be responsive, receptive and accountable to the public.
  • It is essential that the school provide challenging academic and performance expectations in an atmosphere of respect, honesty, openness and appreciation for diversity.
  • The school community will prosper in an atmosphere that respects and values the contributions and ideas of students, parents and staff, and provides continuous opportunities for growth.


  • The Cazenovia Central School District is made up of parts of seven townships: Cazenovia, Nelson, Fenner, Pompey, Sullivan, Georgetown and Lincoln.  Covering over 125 square miles, the District is geographically large with a moderately sized population of approximately 6200 residents.  Cazenovia College adds about 800 additional inhabitants to our population during the academic year.
  • In the past 35 years, the school District has experienced large swings in its school-aged population; with a high of about 2400 students in the early 1970’s and a low of about 1635 students in 1986.  In the last four years we have seen increases and decreases in school-aged population, but not in as wide a range as in the earlier years.
  • The 2007-2008 District enrollment was1778 pupils and we expect the population to decrease in the next five years to the 1690 – 1730 range.
  • Demographically, the number of working dairy farms and the number of residents directly employed on those farms have decreased in the past twenty years.  Some smaller farms have either gone out of business or been absorbed by larger farms, but for the most part, the dairy farms are still family owned and operated.  The past decade has seen an increased interest in horse farms and other equine enterprises, but dairy farming continues to be a significant industry in Cazenovia Central and in Madison County.
  • Cazenovia College has evolved from a 2 year college to a 2+2 college to a 4 year college offering baccalaureate programs as its main focus while still maintaining key associate degree programs.  Cazenovia College has expanded and renovated its dormitories and has built a new Art and Design Building on Sullivan Street.
  • There is much interest among District residents in ensuring that growth and development are well planned and controlled.  Historical preservation of a rural-small village setting is an ongoing issue.  Many District residents work in the Syracuse area and in the communities located between our District and the city of Syracuse.  The shopping malls and service related businesses of the larger communities have forced a change in the type of retail stores that can be successful in the Village of Cazenovia.
  • The Cazenovia Central School District is somewhat of an entity unto itself.  Although most of the Town of Cazenovia is located within the boundaries of the school District, less than half of the towns of Nelson and Fenner and only small portions of Pompey, Georgetown, Lincoln and Sullivan are within the District.  For these townships, some of the residents seem to have a mixed sense of identity with a forced blending of their pride in their own region with their pride in the school District.
  • At first glance, the population of the Cazenovia Central School District appears to be homogenous. Although there is almost no variance in race or spoken language, there are, however, significant differences in the economic status of households within the District.
  • Taking into account the large geographical distances among households in parts of ourDistrict and the diversity in economic vitality, it is important to create and maintain a setof unified expectations for all students and community members.


1) Student Achievement

  • The Cazenovia Central School District will meet or exceed the identified levels of student success on all New York State assessment measures.
  • The Cazenovia Central School District will exceed the levels of student success of similar schools based upon data from the New York State Basic Education
  • Data System (BEDS) Report and NYS School Report Card for Cazenovia Central.
  • Students will perform with distinction in the areas of art, music, drama, technology application and athletics.  Students will successfully participate in a wide range of educational programs ranging from cooperative work experience to advanced placement or college credit courses while still in high school class.
  • Classes and extra curricular organizations will provide support services to students, the school and the community as a whole.

2) Financial Management

  • The District officials will conduct the financial operations of the school in an open, stable, responsible and fiscally sound manner that is sensitive to both the community’s ability to pay and the community’s requirements for excellence in education.

3) Human Resource Management

  • The District shall screen, hire and maintain highly qualified individuals in all levels of its operation.
  • Performance evaluations, ongoing training, support and encouragement shall be hallmarks of the school’s efforts to reach and maintain excellence of all District employees.

4) Administration and Governance Policies and Procedures

  • The Cazenovia Central School District will establish, continually update and follow operational policies and procedures that insure management and governance are: fair, equitable, effective, efficient and open to constructive criticism.

5) Facilities

  • The District will establish, maintain, and renew facilities that are appropriate to the task of providing a sound education for the students in our community.
  • Our facilities will be safe, clean, accessible and provide appropriate spaces, technology and equipment for academic learning, athletics and extra curricular activities.
  • Our facilities will be open for the use by the public in our community to the maximum extent possible.

6) Community Relations

  • The District will publish and promote information, by print and electronic means, about our schools that will serve as a knowledge base for community members regarding school goals, activities and outcomes.
  • Parents and community members will be encouraged to take an active role in the educational process through visiting our schools, volunteering for classroom activities and attending school-wide events.
  • District employees will participate in community organizations, committees and school events, and seek to build continued support for the public school system and its programs.

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