District’s water found to be Lead Safe

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Recent testing of several drinking fountains, kitchen and nurses office taps, and other common sources of potable water in our buildings confirms that lead levels are well below any actionable level. The district’s ongoing efforts over the last several building projects have reduced the already low levels found in past testing to negligible amounts. Please feel free to view the report on our website (Full Report). Still have questions, please contact Matt Erwin, Director of facilities (merwin@caz.cnyric.org). Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.26.31 AM What if my home has lead in the water? How will I know? What do I do? Everyone has questions and concerns with drinking water, in truth there is a good chance that everyone has some amount of lead or other contaminants in their water. The EPA sets guidelines for safe levels of these elements which your Water Authority continually monitors. They are sending safe drinking water to your home. Along the way, contaminants can be picked up from the piping system and from the fixtures that may be in your home. The #1 thing you can do to minimize your exposure is to follow two simple rules.
  1. Run your tap for 5-30 seconds (until it’s as cold as it gets) this will flush your system and remove water which has been sitting in your pipes for prolonged periods. This “dwell” time is when lead is leached into the water from point sources in your system.
  2. Never drink water from your hot water tap, this water is much more likely to have higher levels of lead due to the time it sits in your water heating tank. Always drink or cook with water from your cold tap.
Still worried, have your water tested. You can pick up a kit at your local Home Improvement Store.  

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