Donna Snyder Named 2021 Staff Person of the Year

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Staff Person of the Year

By displaying positivity and seeing the light in all students, Teaching Assistant Donna Snyder has been named Cazenovia Central School District’s 2021 Staff Person of the Year.

Snyder, who works at Burton Street Elementary School, goes out of her way to help students in need, even after school hours as a volunteer. Snyder constantly thinks on her feet, which is imperative in her role, as each day differs from the next.

Donna is a crucial part of the Burton Street team and doesn’t think twice about staying late for meetings, sitting in on conferences, and texting into the evening to brainstorm what is best for the classroom and the students.

Q: What would you say are the best parts of your job?

A: I just love working with the kids and helping them to learn things. It’s great to see the light go off when they’ve learned something new. I love to be a part of that.

Q: When did you first start working with Cazenovia CSD?

A: 2001

Q: When you first started working with Cazenovia CSD, what was your first reaction?

A: My kids went to Burton Street Elementary, so I volunteered here and at the middle school. So, I was used to being in and out of the classrooms. I was thrilled to be able to have a job here and work with kids.

Q: Are there a few moments that stand out over the years as some of your favorite?

A: I love working in the co-teaching classroom. That includes the teacher, a special education teacher and me. And we work as team with the kids. We started that a few years ago, and that has been exciting to stay in the classroom.

Q: How would you like to be remembered at Cazenovia CSD?

A: Someone that was dedicated to the students. And someone who helped kids become the best that they can be.

Q: Outside of work, what are some of your interests and hobbies?

A: I am an avid hiker, canoer, and camper. I’m a 46er. And of course, family. That’s comes first. We love Disney trips, and I have a grand daughter who we spend a lot of time with.

History of the Staff Person of the Year Award: Beginning in September 2011, the Cazenovia School District started honoring one non-faculty employee as Staff Member of the Year. This award is given annually to recognize how a staff member has contributed to the success of our students and the district. The Staff Person of the Year recipient receives a trophy in recognition of their award.

Recipients of this award have been: 

2011     Kathy Morse, Teaching Assistant 

2012     Bill Poglitsh, Maintenance 

2013     Jim Giardina, Transportation Department Bus Driver 

2014     Mary Dewan, Library Aide 

2015     Lou Ann Turner, Administrative Assistant to the Middle School Principal

2016     Cindy Hirt, R.N., Elementary School Nurse, Dept. Leader 

2017     Sheryl Conley, District Treasurer 

2018     Bitsy Namy, Teaching Assistant  

2019     Rick Bosworth, Transportation Department Bus Driver

2020     Trish Chiarello, Technology Department

2021     Donna Snyder, Teaching Assistant

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