High School Action Team 2019-20

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Cazenovia High School Action Team 2019-20

September 10th, members of the Cazenovia High School Action Team (HAT), convened for their opening meeting.  This group of students, parents, faculty and administration voluntarily participates in HAT, the high school building’s shared decision making team.

The purpose of the HAT is to increase student achievement by involving a broad base of stakeholders in the decision-making process regarding major issues at the building level. Multiple times throughout the year, HAT Committee members work together to share their unique perspectives and solve problems seen in our school. These issues may be related to the development of student outcomes, methods of measuring achievement, and overseeing the development of curriculums.  HAT members also discuss community relations and communications, the allocation of building funds, staff development and the school environment.

During the 2018-19 school year, HAT members played an important role in the close review of the High School Cell Phone Policy, included in the student code of conduct.  Each June, the HAT committee works with administration to make revisions and additions to the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.

This year, HAT’s focus will be on the structure of the school day at the High School. This focus area was determined based on survey results gathered from faculty and students during the 2018-19 school year.  HAT members plan to conduct research regarding this topic and will look to elicit input from staff, students and community members to evaluate how the current building schedule supports all of our programs and students.  While HAT cannot decide upon individual schedules, this committee is excited to investigate the best way to formulate our school wide structure of the school day.  The committee values ideas and concerns from all stakeholders and seeks your input.  HAT meetings are open to the public and all stakeholders are welcome to our meetings and encouraged to share your input with any of our members. We look forward to a productive year!  The next HAT committee meeting will be Tuesday, November 12th from 3 – 5 pm in the High School Library.


Caitlin Byrne, Math

Gail Boone, Special Education

Lindsey Shaw, Science

Lauren Connors, Foreign Language

Nicole Littelpage, English

Joe Schettine, Social Studies

Christina New, CTE

Trisha Moesch, P.E/Health

Greg Wakeman, Fine Arts

Brit Zumpano, Guidance

Molly Hagan, HS Administrator

Jonathan Benn, Student Government President

Josie Avery, Senior Class

Maddie Young, Junior Class

Emma Schwartz, Sophomore Class

Faith Wheeler, Freshman Class

Anthony Quill, 8th Grade Class

Kathleen Benedict, Parent

Meg Corey, Parent

Paul McMurtrie, Parent

Jill Porter, Parent

Ann Young, Parent

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