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Weekly Report Form (Click Here For Form)

Periodically, parents request a vehicle of communication between teachers and parents to see how their student is currently doing in their courses. You can either contact the Counseling Office Assistant, Melissa Forrett, at 655-5301, to request that this form be generated from the Counseling Office, or you can print off the attached “Weekly Report Form” and send it to school with your student. Please note that for accurate information, your student will need two days to have contact with all of his/her teachers due to block scheduling.

Course Drop/Add Form (Click Here For Form)

Students often have the desire to either drop or add a course. Drops or adds may be initiated by students and parents, as well as teachers. The appropriate paperwork must be completed prior to a drop or add being completed. Note: Just because the form has been signed by all parties, it does not mean that the change has been completed in PowerSchool. The student will be considered truant if he/she does not follow their schedule until the changes are made and the student has been given a copy of his/her new schedule. 

Foreign Language Drop Form (Click Here For Form)

The decision to drop a Foreign Language can be a difficult one. Please be sure that you have read the “Course Drop/Add Form” information and have had all of your questions answered before doing so. You may also want to investigate the website provided below to gain additional information about the ramifications of dropping Foreign Language as they pertain to post-secondary education. The website is

Dual Credit Request Form (Click Here For Form)

Students wishing to take college-level classes and receive High School credit concurrently, must obtain permission from the High School Principal prior to enrollment. One college course is equivalent to .50 High School credit. The grade that you earn at the college will be the same grade that you will receive on your High School transcript. These courses carry the same weight as all non-AP level courses. There will be no additional weighting.

Teacher Recommendation Form (Click Here For Form)

All students who will be completing college applications are encouraged to have a minimum of 2 teacher recommendations. However, the Counseling Office recommends that you obtain at least 3. Please be sure to give those who will be writing your recommendation ample time to complete it so that you are meeting all of your deadlines. We recommend that you give the individual a copy of your Resume along with the appropriate form to be completed. Please be sure to legibly complete the student portion of the forms.

Non-Teacher Recommendation Form (Click Here For Form)

Based on feedback from non-teacher contacts, we have created a separate form for these individuals to complete. Be sure to include a stamped envelope with your counselor’s address on it so that the individual writing the recommendation can drop it in the mail.

Early Graduation Form (Click Here For Form)

Students wishing to graduate early must complete the appropriate paperwork by October 15th of the school year they wish to graduate. A parent/student/counselor conference is required, at which time the student must provide written justification for their request. The counselor then presents the information to the High School principal for approval.

Release of Information for Student Athletes (Click Here For Form)

If a student is being recruited to play collegiate athletics, he/or she must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Students must also sign a release of information form to allow the Counseling Office to release student information (specifically a transcript and/or standardized test scores) to prospective coaches or higher educational institutions.

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