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Honor Roll
Honor Roll is determined by grade point average (GPA).

Honor Roll:85.0 – 89.9
High Honor Roll:90.0 – 94.9
Highest Honors:95.0 – 100.0


Starting with the 2011-2012 school year, grades will be reported as numerical values.  Letter grades will no longer be used on Interim Progress Reports, Report Cards, or Transcripts.

97-100 = A+87-89 = B+77-79 = C+ 65-69 = D
93-96 = A83-86 = B73-76 = CBelow 65 = F
90-92 = A-80-82 = B-70-72 = C-
A weight of 1.06 for AP courses will be used in determining rank (graduating class of 2013).  AP exams must be taken for weighting.  
When calculating the GPA, the letter grade’s numerical value is multiplied by the units to determine the weighted
grade points. These are totaled and divided by the total units in that marking period. The following example illustrates
the calculation of a GPA for a student with no AP Courses using the grade point table above:
UnitsCourseLetter GradeNumerical ValueGrade Points
1Social StudiesC22

Grade Points (16.50) ÷ Units (5.25) = GPA (3.14)

*PE is not counted in the divisor because of the Pass/Fail status of the course. Therefore, you DO NOT include it in your calculations of GPA.

**All courses that are graded pass/fail are not considered in GPA (ex. College Seminar, Teaching Assistant, etc.).

Final Report Card Grades, GPAs, and Class Rank

The final grade calculation for a course is determined by the individual teacher, (most likely the format will be comprised of an average including the 4 marking periods as well as mid-term, final exams, and/or Regents Exam score if given). A student’s final GPA, at the end of the year, is calculated using the same method used above using each final course grade.

The final course grade is the only grade appearing on a student’s final transcript, and is the only value used in determining cumulative GPA and Class Rank. A student’s cumulative GPA is determined by the same method, using all non-pass/fail courses receiving High School credit in grades 8-12.

A student’s Class Rank for the purposes of college applications is calculated at the end of the Junior year using the cumulative average for grades 8-11.

GPA Calculation Worksheet

Please refer to the “Counseling Office Forms” page, specifically the “GPA Calculation Worksheet,” to calculate your GPA. Any discrepancies should be directed to the student’s Counselor.

High School Grade Level Classification

The criteria for classification at each of the grade levels is outlined below:

  • Grade 9- Satisfactory completion of eighth grade course work, and/or faculty recommendation and approval of the principal.
  • Grade 10- Satisfactory completion of 4.75 credits.
  • Grade 11- Satisfactory completion of 9.50 credits.
  • Grade 12- Satisfactory completion of 13.25 credits.

District Numbers

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  • Burton Street Office
  • Special Education
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  • Tech Coordinator
  • Transportation
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • More district numbers
  • 315.655.1340
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