National Honor Society

NHS Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Students must have earned a cumulative high school GPA of 93 or above at the end of sophomore year for incoming juniors or at the end of junior year for incoming seniors.
  2. Incoming juniors must have completed 40+ hours of documented community service by the first school day of junior year.
  3. Incoming seniors must have completed 40+ hours of documented community service by the first school day of senior year.
  4. Students must complete all necessary forms and attend the mandatory informational meeting to be considered for membership. These forms must be returned to the NHS advisors by the given deadline, which will be announced at our informational meeting.
  5. Each student must obtain two adult recommendations, of which one of the recommendations must be written by a Cazenovia High School faculty member.
  6. Students must complete an essay that is a personal reflection on the organization’s four standards: scholarship, leadership, service and character. This essay must be submitted as part of the formal application.
  7. A complete review of the students’ disciplinary folder will occur as a last step in consideration of acceptance into NHS.
  8. Students will be notified of their acceptance in writing

Review of Rules:

As a member of the Cazenovia High School Chapter of the National Honor Society, you will have certain obligations in order to maintain your membership. You must:

  • Maintain a 93 average.
  • Participate in Induction.
  • Participate in the Blood Drive.
  • Participate in an individual service project for a minimum of three service credits. Each credit must be a minimum of two hours of service.
  • Participate in a minimum of four community service hours sponsored by the Owahgena Chpater.
  • Remain a good school citizen. Any suspension may result in immediate loss of membership.
  • Follow the academic code of conduct expected of all students.
  • Failure to meet NHS membership requirements will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the NHS advisor and High School Principal. A plan will be developed to return member to good standing. Failure of NHS member to return to good standing will result in loss of membership.

Chapter By-laws of the Owahgena Chapter of the National Honor Society Amended January 23, 2022

District Numbers

  • Business Office
  • High School Office
  • Middle School Office
  • Burton Street Office
  • Special Education
  • Athletics & Comm.
  • Tech Coordinator
  • Transportation
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • More district numbers
  • 315.655.1340
  • 315.655.1314
  • 315.655.1324
  • 315.655.1325
  • 315.655.5313
  • 315.655.1358
  • 315.655.5303
  • 315.655.1326
  • 315.655.5354
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