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As part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly, embrace innovative technology, and maintain fiscal responsibility, we have moved from distributing paper copies to digital flyer delivery via Peachjar, a free online service for schools.

E-flyers will now be emailed directly to parents’ inboxes, as well as posted online for easy access. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed within the schools.

Acceptable use policy:



The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the approval and distribution of advertising materials and/or announcements.

1. School related notices sent to parents will be given the highest priority and may necessitate that non-school related flyers be withheld at any given time. The District reserves the right to limit the number of flyers in a given week.

A. Information from outside the boundaries of the Cazenovia School District will not be sent home.

B. Information from not-for-profit organizations within the Cazenovia School District can be announced in their respective buildings and can be posted on designated bulletin boards (and distributed through Peachjar).

2. Only information from not-for-profit organizations will be considered for distribution as long as the main focus is on services or activities for children.  A not-for-profit group must be able to furnish I.R.S. nonprofit documentation if requested by the Superintendent’s office. Also, the Superintendent may request additional information concerning the governance structure and/or mission of the organization.  Such information is requested solely for the purpose of confirming that the organization is within the coverage of this policy and regulations.

3. All information must be submitted to the superintendent’s office for prior approval (the use of Peachjar and its approval process satisfies this requirement). Requests must be submitted at least one week in advance of the suggested distribution date.

4. All flyers other than School District information must include the following statement in a box format:

This flyer is being distributed by the School District as a community service to students and parents of the school district for informational purposes only. This program is not affiliated with nor endorsed in any way by the school District.

5. Upon approval by the District, flyers will be distributed via the Peachjar program.  If a printed copy is desired to be displayed on a school bulletin board, the requestor should seek permission from the school building office staff and provide the appropriate number of flyers for display.

6. Information shall be limited to the date, time, place, program description, etc. No promotional incentives (e.g., free tickets to an amusement park, admission to a sporting event if accompanied by a paid adult admission, etc.) may be included either as part of or as an attachment to an informational flyer. Similarly, no policy of statement presenting a viewpoint or which takes a position on an issue will be permitted.

7. The School District retains the right to withdraw approval of material from any source if is determined that the distribution would undermine the intent of this policy or cause disruption in the school.

8. The Superintendent is directed to develop and implement necessary regulations to ensure that this policy is implemented throughout the school system.  This policy will be reviewed in three years.

Adoption date: November 16, 2009

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