Cafeteria Food Service Program

Effective June 26, 2018

The Cazenovia Central School District participates in the National School Breakfast/Lunch Program for free and reduced price meals. You may apply for the benefit at any time during the year. Applications are available online at the Cazenovia Central School District website or in the cafeteria and in the business office upon request.

The Cazenovia Central School District Food Service Program uses NutriKids, a computerized Point of Service system. Each student in the District has an account with an assigned PIN number. This account is intended as a debit account not a credit account. In other words, students must carry a positive balance in their account to draw funds from, not a negative balance to pay at a later date. You may add money to an account online at or remit cash or check payable to the Cazenovia Central School District. Account purchases may also be viewed at

Cazenovia Central School District allows students to charge meals if necessary;  however, when an account balance is negative the following rules will apply:

  • No snacks or extra items of any kind will be allowed including second lunches.
  • Charges for only one lunch and one breakfast per day will be allowed.
  • Students who have accounts with a negative balance are entitled to one reimbursable meal per serving period such as:
    • choice of breakfast entree or cereal,  along with fruit and/or juice and milk for breakfast
    • choice of lunch entree, peanut butter and jelly or cheese sandwich, along with fruit and milk for lunch until the account is current.
    • Student accounts will still be charged at the meal rate.
  • Contact the Business Office to discuss payment arrangements.
  • If the account continues to carry a negative balance, further measures may be taken including collection action on the account.

Graduating Seniors must have their account paid in full prior to the last day of classes.

Adults should pay for their meals at the time of service or set up pre-paid accounts.


Meal Charging and Prohibition of Meal Shaming – Policy

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