Lions Club Students of the Month: Fenton and Armour

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Kylie Fenton, a junior at Cazenovia High School, has been selected as the Cazenovia Lions Club Student of the Month for September 2019.  Kylie is the daughter of Michele and Tim Fenton of Cazenovia.

Kylie Fenton, Lions Club Student of the Month for September 2019

Kylie’s nomination, by faculty member Timothy Mascari, reads as follows:

“Since the start of the school year, Kylie has gone above and beyond to make ALL students feel welcome and included, especially students with disabilities.  Every time I have assigned homework in my self-contained math class, she always is willing to help students with it in their shared study hall and the students always come in smiling saying “Kylie helped me with this hard homework!”  During English 11 instruction, she always makes sure that students with disabilities have a group to work with during group work activities and goes out of her way to make them feel welcomed and supported.  She treats everyone in the class with the utmost respect and genuinely cares about her peers.  On one of the student’s birthdays, she found out his favorite candy/treats and bought him a huge birthday present bag full of all his favorites (Pringles, Kit Kats, Twix, etc.) without being asked or prompted to do so.  From what I have seen with her interactions with the entire school population, Kylie deserves to be highlighted with student of the month for her kindness and caring about everyone in the Cazenovia School Community. ”

Mr. Mascari and the Cazenovia Lions Club couldn’t agree more and we are pleased to give this Student of The Month award for September 2019 to Kylie Fenton.

Abby Armour, is in the 8th grade at Cazenovia High School, has been selected as the Cazenovia Lions Club Student of the Month for October 2019.  Abby is the daughter of Tim & Heather Crouch of Cazenovia.

Abby Armour, Lions Club Student of the Month for October 2019

Abby’s nomination, by Transportation Director Karen Cowherd, reads as follows:

“Abby has been very helpful over the years on the bus when there is a substitute driver; giving directions on where to stop, pointing out houses and keeping the kids quiet on the bus.  Recently a parent reached out on Facebook in search of the girl that rides bus 231 and helps her kindergarten son on a daily basis.  The little boy told his mom “She takes care of me.” She helps him with his backpack getting in and out of his seat and reads to him.  Abby is a gentle soul with a huge heart.”

The Cazenovia Lions Club is proud to give the October Student of the Month award to Abby for her gentle soul and huge heart.

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