Middle School Science Olympiad

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The Middle School Science Club competed in the Annual Science Olympiad B division on Saturday, March 21st at Red Creek High School.

 This was its 8th year competing. The club originally started as a feeder program for Mrs. Reichert’s high school Science Olympiad team.   Highly interested 6th, 7th, and 8th graders have kept our Middle School team alive despite the high school program no longer existing.

This year the club had 4 ninth graders competing.  The topics included Meteorology, Fossils, Oceanography, Crime Science, Solar System, and Recycling & Renewable Resources.  Ethan Baker built a bridge that tried to sustain 15kg of sand. Claire Murray, Emma Nunez, and Shannon Croft “paired up” to give picture clues for scientific terms for a partner to guess the term.  Claire and Emma also used their scientific knowledge along with verbal skills to describe and then recreate a 3D model in “Write It, Do It”.

Other students on the team are Issac Walburger, Chase Willard, and Dylan Anderson.

This year all our competitors that went to Red Creek came home with a medal.
  • Bio Process Lab– Emma & Claire (2nd)
  • Fossils– Munya & Shannon (4th)
  • Dynamic Planet– Chase & Ethan (6th)
  • Anatomy– Claire & Shannon (9th)
  • Crime Busters– Ethan & Emma (10th)
  • Meterology– Shannon & Chase (10th)
Congratulations to all!
Unfortunately a prior commitment to 4-H and illness kept Dylan and Issac from joining us on competition day, but we look forward to their successes next year.
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