Millard and Young Selected as Lions Club Students of the Month

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Sedona Millard, who is in the eighth grade at Cazenovia High School, has been selected as the Cazenovia Lions Club Student of the Month for January 2019. Sedona is the daughter of Wendy Field Millard and stepdaughter of Mark Edwards of Jamesville.

Sedona’s nomination, by faculty member Lauren Sprague, read as follows:

“The day before Christmas Break, Sedona brought in a new backpack full of presents for another student. Sedona had been talking to the student earlier that week and they had expressed that due to some struggles that the family had been facing, the student knew that they and their siblings would not be receiving much for Christmas. Sedona took it upon herself to help bring some Christmas cheer to this student and their siblings by buying them a new backpack and filling it with little gifts and goodies!”

The Cazenovia Lions Club is pleased to recognize Sedona for giving back to others and in doing so positively impacting the lives of her fellow classmates and her community.

Maddie Young, a sophomore at Cazenovia High School, has been selected as the Cazenovia Lions Club Student of the Month for February 2019. Maddie is the daughter of Zach and Emily Young of Cazenovia

Maddie’s nomination, by faculty member Kurt M. Wheeler, reads as follows:

“Maddie is a dedicated and enthusiastic member of our school and village community. She has been a valued member of Project CAFE and has taken on leadership roles as a sophomore. She heads up our newsletter committee and worked tirelessly to get the last two newsletters out to the community. She attends every meeting and has participated in multiple community service events, including our recent visit to the Cazenovia Senior Apartments and the upcoming Winter Festival Talent Show. She is a loyal teammate on the indoor track squad, willing to do any event to help the team and eagerly supporting the other athletes when not competing herself. She also devotes considerable time to improving her field hockey skills in preparation for her next season in that sport while also working diligently to complete her school work and maintain good grades. Her energy, commitment and positive attitude make a difference in our school and community each day!”

The Cazenovia Lions Club is pleased to recognize Maddie for her service to her classmates and the school.


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