Mrs. Donna Snyder Selected as AAPSAlutely Amazing Educator Award Winner for 2016

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Congratulations to Mrs. Donna Snyder, teaching assistant at the Burton Street School, for being named the AAPSAlutely Amazing Educator Award recipient by ADHD & Autism Psychological Services and Advocacy (AAPSA). On Friday afternoon, April 22 Mrs. Snyder was presented with a plaque honoring her for her role as a teaching assistant. At the bottom of the plaque it states the recipient is selected “for her contribution to helping children overcome challenges they face in the academic setting.”
Donna and Students

From L->R Danielle Longo, Brady Shaw, Will Donlin, Donna Snyder and Sage Byrnes

ADHD & Autism Psychological and Advocacy Plaque Mrs. MacIntosh introduced Danielle Longo, Clinical Administrative Assistant from AAPSA, who presented Donna with this award. Some of Donna’s students (both past and present) were able to be there for the presentation along with Mr. Dan Snyder, Donna’s husband and Mrs. Pam Rightmyre. In addition to the award plaque, Mrs. Snyder was awarded a $500 Visa gift card through Walgreens by the agency to be used at her discretion. Below is the formal nomination letter for Donna Snyder that was sent in to AAPSA by district resident, Molly Hagan. ————————————- Dear Danielle: There is no one I can think of more deserving than Donna Snyder to receive the AAPSAlutely Amazing Educator Award.  Donna is a teaching assistant in the Cazenovia Central School District.  Donna works at the elementary level at Burton Street Elementary School. I do not nominate Donna as a colleague or even as her administrator.  I do not work in the Cazenovia District.  I am a parent of two children that have been in classrooms with Donna and an aunt to a very special niece that has benefited immensely from the love, support and care that Donna provided to her during her elementary years.  My niece, Sage, has a special bond with Donna.  Donna always gave the extra attention, encouragement and positive praise to Sage during her time at Burton Street and she continues to be one of her biggest cheerleaders now, even as Sage has moved on to middle school.  Donna does special things for Sage, such as trips to the ice cream shop, dress similarly for Halloween, and joining Sage for time at the Special Olympics and walks to raise awareness for Autism.  Donna goes above and beyond her job duties in helping Sage to feel good about herself by showing interest in her struggles and successes, providing support and encouragement, and making a lasting impression on my young niece’s heart. Donna Snyder may not be Sage’s current teaching assistant or a member of Sage’s immediate family, but she holds a special place in the hearts of our family.  It truly does take a village to raise a child and we are so blessed and thankful that Sage has Donna in her corner. Without hesitation, I would nominate Donna Snyder for this special recognition for all she does for students with disabilities and our Sage. Thank you, Molly Hagan Principal Seneca Street Elementary Oneida City School District

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