National Honor Society Inducts New Members

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Owahgena Chapter of the National Honor Society Inducts New Members

National Honor Society members and inductees of the Owahgena Chapter gathered on Wednesday, May 26th at St. James Church to celebrate the 82nd Annual Induction Ceremony.  Mrs. Susan Tresco, National Honor Society advisor, greeted all inductees, current members, and family members to the ceremony.  

Chapter President, Lili Gavitt welcomed all in attendance and provided a summary of the work the inductees and current members have undertaken this year.  Lili shared, “It’s been a strange year for the NHS, to say the least, but I think we’re all glad to be here in person to see our inductees finally make their membership official.”  Lili went on to commend the inductees on their accomplishments and reminded members of the four pillars that constitute the values of NHS, which are scholarship, leadership, character, and service.   Lili also complimented the group on the accomplishment of their year long NHS service project, commending  participants in their work with Project Cafe in the creation and opening of the Henry Burden Park on Mill Street.  

Following the introduction by Lili, NHS officers Elora Wilmot, Megan Lawton, Ava Gavitt, Ryan Probe and Helen Hausser proceeded with their leadership of the ceremony. Each inductee to the chapter was presented with their NHS pin and certificate.  Senior inductees were also presented with their NHS cords, to be worn at commencement.

Special thanks was offered to St. James Church, for their generosity of using their space.  Additionally, NHS members extended their appreciation to the district and building administration for their support and to the High School Communications Club for live streaming the event for family members and guests that could not attend.  

New inductees:

Charlie Aronson

Claire Braaten

Olivia Buyea

Sophie Clancy

Lily Clonan

Brody Coleman

Jake DeCew

Dali Denison

Brooke Devendorf

Cody Dickinson

Clare Douglas

Anna Edwards

Shae Finnerty

Emily Forrett

Leigha Fostveit

Laura Fitzgerald

Tara Frost

Caryn Gagnon

Shaun Goodman

Kenzie Halliday

Wyatt Hartley

Amanda Heacock

Cooper Hughes

Jacob Ives

Andrew Kent

Morgan Kingsley

Megan Kuhn

Fiona Larkin

James LaFever

Peter McCole

Benjamin McPherson

Max Micheal

Melanie Michael

Daniel Millson

Gavin Moy

Morgan Moynihan

Erich Omans

Benjamin Orbach

Baylee Pierce

Hannora Race

Mitch Romig

Maggie Rowles

Carter Ruddy

Ainsly Schug

Hadley Schug

Emma Schwartz

Nadia Segall

Michael Senehi

Marissa Smith

Quinn Smith

Samantha Sparks

Emma Steinberg

Carleigh Szalach

Fiona Tobin

Natalie Alexis Tresco

Isabella Uzcategui

Jake Wardell

Katie Whitney

Mary Williams

Alyson Woolbert

Jackson Wright

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