New scoring shed built with wood from felled pine tree

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The district’s buildings and grounds department took advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures earlier this week by heading outdoors to complete construction of the new scoring shed at the Sean Googin Sports Complex on Fenner Road. Beneath clear blue skies, Bill Poglitsh and Sam Walrod on Tuesday hoisted planks of pine milled from the 70-foot tree that once towered over Cazenovia High School’s front lawn. The 12-by-16, elevated cottage will be ready in time for the spring lacrosse season.

Maintenance department employees Bill Poglitsh (left) and Sam Walrod work on the new scoring shed at the Sean Googin Sports Complex.

After the pine was struck by lightning, the district had it cut down for safety reasons this past summer. But David Hazer, supervisor of buildings and grounds, managed to find a silver lining in the tree’s loss. He instructed crews to cut the tree down in 10-foot lengths, then hired local miller John Reed to mill the wood into boards that could be used in the new shack’s construction. “We try as a department to get the most value from – and, if possible, give a second life to – our materials,” Hazer said. The tree-turned-hut is just the latest example in an ongoing district effort to use reclaimed materials. Red-brick pavers torn out during Cazenovia’s multi-building capital improvement project, for example, were relocated near the bus circle in front of the middle school. And when construction in the high school uncovered a keystone from the high school’s original 1931 building, Hazer had it installed above the auxiliary gymnasium’s exterior door. The district also used bar joists, discarded after renovations to Buckley Gymnasium, to build a footbridge connecting the sports complex parking lot with one of the playing fields.

Recycled pavers in the middle school bus circle.


1931 keystone relocated above an exterior auxiliary gym door.


Sports complex footbridge constructed out of discarded joists from Buckley Gymnasium.


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