In order to participate (tryout) for a scholastic sport at Cazenovia Central School a student must have a current physical. A sports physical is considered valid for 365 days, plus all the days until the end of the month the physical expires. The record of the physical must be on file with the HS Nurse (8-12th grade) or the MS Nurse (if in 7th grade). If a physical is considered current after the first day of practice, but will expire during the season, the student is eligible until the end of the season. A fully completed Interval Health History Form is required in addition to a valid physical exam. In addition to the current physical, a student and parent must also fill out the following forms (see below). They can be obtained online in PDF format by clicking on the links below. All of the forms must be submitted to the nurse or school trainer prior to participation. The nurse or school trainer will then issue the student and parents a “Clear to Play — Green Card” if all forms are completed and approved. The coach may only allow a student to participate if a “Green Card” has been issued. Coaches cannot collect the paperwork and authorize a student to play. Please start this process early to avoid having to miss the first practice.
  1. Extracurricular Registration (Required)
  2. Interval Health History Form (Required)
  3. Physical Form Part 1 (Required)
  4. Physical Form Part 2 (Required)
  5. Parent Information Regarding Concussions (Required to read together with your child)
  6. Parent Contract (Optional, the contract is also contained in the Handbook)
  7. Concussion Management Recommendation (Not required, but highly encouraged)
  8. NYSPHSAA Safety & Research (Resource Material)
  9. Become A Member Of CAA (Optional)
Before signing the Extracurricular Registration, be sure to review with your student all of the rules contained in the CCSD Extracurricular Handbook for Parents and Students. Selection Classification (The process by which a student in 7th or 8th grade can apply through the New York State Education Department to gain 1 or 2 extra years of high school sports eligibility) 1. Selection Classification Application Process 2. NYSED Selection Classification Regulations 3. Attachment G

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