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The 2019 Scholastic Art Show is currently taking place at the Whitney building at OCC. The show opened Tuesday the 22nd with a ceremony for silver and gold key winners, and will run through Friday March 1st. This prestigious national competition begins at the state level by region. This year there were 5,673 works of art submitted by over 2,500 students from the Central NY region, which is the second largest region in the national competition. Cazenovia High School had 35 students participate in this year’s competition, submitting 74 individual works of art. Ten of the students were seniors who also submitted an 8 piece portfolio representative of their hard work, dedication and growth as artists throughout their career at Cazenovia. The regional award winners were listed in the January 27th Sunday Post Standard. Our Gold Key winners’ work will now advance to national judging in New York City, with the National Medal winners to be announced on March 12, 2019. Please take the time to congratulate the following winners: (Several samples may be viewed on this webpage link) 8 Individual Gold Keys: Peyton Basic, 11 (Photography), Laura Fitzgerald, 10 (2 Photography), Ava Gavitt, 10 (Drawing & Illustration), Lili Gavitt, 10 (Drawing & Illustration), MaryRose Giangiobbe, 12 (Photography), Tatum Kelly, 12 (Mixed Media), Franklin Zmigrodski, 12 (Photography) 1 Silver Key Portfolio: Kelly Frost, 12 (Drawing and Painting) 10 Individual Silver Keys: Tessa Carroll, 11 (Mixed Media), Tanner Dydo, 12 (3 Photography), Elliot Hale, 12 (2 Comic Art), Helen Hausser,10 (Drawing & Illustration), Melanie Michael, 9 (Drawing & Illustration), Paige Smith, 11 (Photography) 1 Honorable Mention Portfolio: Clare Douglas, 9 ( 2 Drawing & Illustration), Kelly Frost, 12 (Painting), Clay Furze, 12 (Photography) 12 Honorable Mention Individual: Jada Clement, 12 (2 keys in Drawing & Illustration, Painting), Tanner Dydo, 12 (Photography), Ava Gavitt, 10 (Sculpture), Gary Hackney, 11 (Comic Art), Elliot Hale, 12 (Comic Art), Julia Ketcham, 10 (Photography), Mae Sayre, 10 (Photography) Participants Senior Portfolios: Cal Dennison, Tanner Dydo, Kelly Frost, Clay Furze, Anne Gale, MaryRose Giangiobbe, Olivia Hodge, Kate Sosville, Norah Spencer, Franklin Zmigrodski Individual Work: Peyton Basic, 11, May Braaten, 11, Tessa Carroll, 11, Jada Clement, 12, Cal Dennison, 12, Noah DeRochie, 12, Clare Douglas, 9, Tanner Dydo, 12, Laura Fitzgerald, 10, Kelly Frost, 12, Anne Gale, 12, Ava Gavitt, 10, Lili Gavitt, 10, MaryRose Giangiobbe, 12, Holly Grant, 10, Gary Hackney, 11, Elliot Hale, 12, Helen Hausser, 10, Olivia Hodge, 12, Julia Ketcham, 10, Tatum Kelly, 12, Kathryn Keilbasinski, 12, Melanie Michael, 9, Cavy Monahan, 11, Gwen O’Brien, 10, Autumn Paddock, 12, Maeve Potteiger, 11, Raymond Satchwell, 12, Mae Sayre, 10, Paige Smith, 11, Kate Sosville, 12, Norah Spencer, 12, Ziye Wang, 9, Franklin Zmigrodski, 12, Katalin Zoldos, 12. Please congratulate these students for their hard work and creativity. If you are unable to make it to the OCC show, we will be honoring all of the participants and winners with an art show at the New Woodstock Library from April 1st- April 30th. The opening reception will be Monday April 8th from 7pm-8pm. Sincerely, Julie Frear & Adam Reynolds

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