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Please take a few minutes and complete the following survey.  On June 24th, the annual Senior Athlete Awards Banquet will take place at Cazenovia H.S. in the Buckley Gym.  Only senior athletes are eligible for these awards.  More information will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead about making reservations.  If you feel a student would be a good choice for an award, please type their name in.  The data from this survey may be shared with the coaching staff, but will not be used to determine the award recipients.  Our customary process will be used at the selection meeting and is entirely coach nomination based.  This survey is meant to be more of a fun fan poll and serve as advertising for the event.  At the selection meeting, a student will possibly be considered for more than one award, but is limited to only receiving one award (the exception to this is the Section III Scholar Athlete Award).  This survey attempted to list as many different names as possible and is not truly reflective of how the process really works the night of the selection meeting. SURVEY:   Descriptions of the annual awards:  
  • The Steve Suhey Senior Athlete Award – Steve Suhey lived in Nelson and walked to football practice everyday. He was an All-American at Penn State and played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His outstanding characteristic was to set a goal and get the job done. This award is presented to the athlete who most exemplifies the total dedication and all around athletic ability of Steve Suhey and is considered to be one of Cazenovia High School’s most prestigious awards. Recipients of this award have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities as well as character and integrity in the school and community.
  • The Outstanding Senior Athlete Award – The recipient of this award has proven their ability to excel in the athletic arena through their individual accomplishments and contributions to their teams, while demonstrating good sportsmanship. Consideration may be given to participation in pursuits outside those offered through the school’s interscholastic sports program.
  •  The Army Reserve Scholar-Athlete Award – The recipient of this award has to meet two criteria. This student-athlete must have maintained a minimum GPA of 3.2 or higher and also must have played on at least 2 varsity sports. The winner of this award will have shown good sportsmanship, character, citizenship, strong ability and have displayed a positive attitude throughout their athletic and academic career at Cazenovia High School.
  • The Best Senior Attitude Award – Often the athlete who makes the biggest impact on a team is not the person who scores the most points, but rather leads by an example of hard work and dedication. The recipients of this award have demonstrated their love for athletics and team involvement throughout their athletic careers at Cazenovia.
  • Senior Sportsmanship Award – The recipient of this award has demonstrated an appreciation for the components of good sportsmanship throughout their athletic career at Cazenovia. The ability to compete with intensity while respecting the rules of the game as well as the responsibilities of the officials, and the feelings and efforts of their opponents are among the attributes possessed by recipients of this award.
  • United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award – This award is designed to honor a deserving, yet possibly unsung athlete. The recipient need not be the schools most outstanding athlete, but one who exhibits the personal traits of courage, poise, self-confidence, and leadership.
  • The Section III Scholar Athlete Award – This award is presented to the male and female graduating student athletes who have achieved the highest grade point average as well as athletic participation in at least 2 varsity sports during their senior year. Cazenovia’s participation in the Section III Scholar Athlete Program is sponsored by the Cazenovia School District Athletic Department. As a nominee, the Cazenovia representatives will be competing with other Section III student athletes for a $1,000 scholarship. Recipients will attend the Section III Scholar Athlete Dinner with guests on Monday, June 8th at the OCC SRC Arena. The Section III Scholar Athlete dinner starts at 6:30pm.

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