Staff Person of the Year, Mrs. Bitsy Namy

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We congratulate Mrs. Bitsy Namy for being chosen as the 2018 Staff Person of the Year recipient.  Mr. Reilly announced Mrs. Namy as this year’s winner at the opening day faculty session on September 4th.  As is the custom, Mrs. Namy has answered several questions about herself and being selected for the award.  Please enjoy her answers below:

Mrs. Bitsy Namy (left) with her husband, Jeff (right) moments after being named 2018 Staff Person of the Year.

High School Graduation: Manlius Pebble Hill (1974)                  College Attended Undergraduate: Bethany College (1978)                 
  • Major(s): Mass Communications, English (Minor)
  • New York State Teacher Certification(s): New York State Teaching Assistant Certification
Did your family or another person impact your decision to become an educator? “My mother was an English teacher for 20 years. She had the natural ability to understand children in all stages of their lives.” What activities (sports, clubs, jobs, etc.) you were you involved in as a high school student and college student? “In college I was the Recording Secretary of the Student Board of Governors. I played Field Hockey and was a member of the Phi Mu Sorority. In High School I enjoyed playing sports. I earned 11 Varsity Letters – Field Hockey [4], Track and Field [4] and Cheerleading [3].” Where was your first teaching assistant position? Did you work elsewhere before being hired as an employee at Cazenovia? “My first job as a TA was at Cazenovia Central School District. My first job after college was Paper Specification and Sales Promotion for the J&FG Garrett Paper Company in Syracuse, NY” When did you start working at Cazenovia? “I started working at Cazenovia in 2001.” Have you always been in education or did you start out doing something else? “I worked in sales promotion for a fine printing paper company. Then I was a ‘stay at home mom’ for 18 years.” Please describe moments as a teacher assistant that you will never forget? Why? “When a student came to me and told me that he was going to fail Government class, I encouraged him, helped him get organized, and helped him make a plan to complete the four projects that were due. I monitored his progress and he passed with flying colors!” “Another general education student was on the brink of failing and not graduating from high school. I took him under my wing [I pushed in on two of his classes] , contacted all of his teachers and got his missed work. I kept in close communication with his teachers for the remainder of the year. I knew his schedule so I could work with him whenever possible. I also physically got him multiple times from the senior lounge when he “forgot” to meet with me. I was so proud of him when he walked across the stage at graduation!” “I have really enjoyed working with all the teachers and staff at Cazenovia.” What would you hope your teaching legacy might be? “That no matter what happens in life, your cup is always half full.” Please describe your family. “My loving husband and I raised four great children! Anne [Class of 2003] is getting her Doctorate Degree from The University of Hartford, Joel [Class of 2005] is in Heaven, Lee [Class of 2008] is in the Army Special Forces, and Maggie [Class of 2013] is a Kindergarten Special Education Teacher at Burton Street.” Outside of teaching, what are your other interests/hobbies? “I like to read, walk, knit, cane chairs, kayak, and sail.” Is there anything else you would like to add? “Just to say thank all the teachers, coaches and staff who had a positive impact on our children while they attended Cazenovia.  It’s a wonderful school district and my family and I really appreciate that very much.”   History of the Staff Person of the Year Award Beginning in September 2011, the Cazenovia School District started honoring one non-faculty employee as Staff Member of the Year. This award is given annually to recognize how a staff member has contributed to the success to our students and the district. The Staff Person of the Year recipient receives a trophy in recognition of their award. Recipients of this award have been: 2011     Kathy Morse, Teaching Assistant 2012     Bill Poglitsh, Maintenance 2013     Jim Giardina, Transportation Department Bus Driver 2014     Mary Dewan, Library Aide 2015     Lou Ann Turner, Administrative Assistant to the Middle School Principal 2016     Cindy Hirt, R.N., Elementary School Nurse, Dept. Leader 2017     Sheryl Conley, District Treasurer 2018     Bitsy Namy, Teaching Assistant  

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