Student Data Verification Form due by August 6th

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The Cazenovia School District is asking all parents and guardians in the district to complete this Student Data Verification Form (one for each child). The form was distributed Thursday, July 30th via SchoolMessenger to the email address listed on record for each parent and guardian in the database. As we near the 2020-2021 school year, important information will be distributed home to parents and guardians through various communication channels such as preferred email address, phone messages, mailings, and text messaging. Please submit the following Student Data Verification Form as soon as possible and before August 6th. Building office staff will cross-check responses against our current database to make sure all registered students’ information is current and correct. Office staff will be calling parents and guardians who have not responded. If you have not received a recent email from the District, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Burton Street Elementary School Office(315) 655-1325
Burton Street Elementary Nurse(315) 655-1355
Middle School Office(315) 655-1324
Middle School Nurse(315) 655-1332
Middle School Counseling Office(315) 655-1315
Jr.-Sr. High School Attendance Office(315) 655-1314
Jr.-Sr. High School Principal(315) 655-1314
Jr.-Sr. High School Assistant Principal(315) 655-1328
Jr.-Sr. High School Nurse(315) 655-1337
Jr.-Sr. High School Counseling Office(315) 655-5301
Special Education(315) 655-1361
Coordinator of Athletics & Communications(315) 655-1358
Assistant to Athletics & Communications Office(315) 655-1349
Technology Coordinator(315) 655-5303
School Lunch Manager(315) 655-5346
Transportation(315) 655-1326
Buildings & Grounds(315) 655-5354
Assistant to Buildings & Grounds Office(315) 655-5378
Business Office(315) 655-1340
Superintendent of Schools(315) 655-1317
Cazenovia Central District Fax Number(315) 655-1375

Athletic Director

District Numbers

  • Business Office
  • High School Office
  • Middle School Office
  • Burton Street Office
  • Special Education
  • Athletics & Comm.
  • Tech Coordinator
  • Transportation
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • More district numbers
  • 315.655.1340
  • 315.655.1314
  • 315.655.1324
  • 315.655.1325
  • 315.655.5313
  • 315.655.1358
  • 315.655.5303
  • 315.655.1326
  • 315.655.5354
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