Waltz completes project at Stone Quarry Art Park

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Article written by Claudia Waltz (12th Grade English with Mrs. Brenneck) The Stone Quarry Art Park is a park where “people and artists explore, experiment and learn about art,” according to the Stone Quarry Art Park website. The Art Park helps the community by having people displaying artists’ work at the park for others to learn about it. People in the surrounding community can go to the park and donate their time and help clean and organize the park, like my English class and I did three times this fall. I have been to the Art Park several now. The first time I went and walked the trails and donated some money to the park. This fall, I went with my English class and we helped clean up the park, and make the park look nicer. The project I worked on at the park was creating a new garden. This work included picking weeds, digging out stones, planting new flowers and bulbs for the spring, putting down mulch and painting rocks for the garden. I chose this activity because I find planting very relaxing and it helps my stress go away. My long-term plan is to always try to go back to the Art Park, or other parks around the area, and donate my time to help make my community look better. I feel much better after all of our work at the Art Park; every little bit of help makes a huge difference in our small community. We are making the park look a lot better and maybe more people will see our hard work and want to help out. It could even make more people want to visit because of how nice it is.     Mrs. Brenneck’s and Mrs. Costello’s senior class also worked on cleaning out the workshop and creating a workbench and a spot for tools. Some students worked on clearing trails and designating places to add more signs for visitors. Others worked on a second garden next to the display of visiting artist Jim Ridlon’s work.

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