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August 14, 2019

Dear Cazenovia High School Students and Parents,

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer and that you are relaxed, recharged and will soon be ready to start a new school year.  I welcome and value the positive energy and dedication that is shared by our community for excellence in education, and I look forward to working with you and our students again this year.

Each year brings positive change. This includes a few additions to our staff. We are delighted to welcome the following new staff and faculty to the High School:

  • Assistant Principal, Mrs. Jennifer Raux.
  • Career-Technical Education Department/Family and Consumer Science, Mrs. Sara McDowell.  
  • Physical Education Department, Miss Kalin Merkley 
  • Fine Arts Department/Instrumental Music, Miss Brianna Hoige
  • English as a Second Language, Mrs. Wendy Comeau

A great deal of time, effort and thought has gone into the process creating student schedules for the 2019-20 school year.  Our counseling department works with each student to create a course load and schedule that best meets their needs and challenges them to reach their highest potential.  Letters indicating scheduled courses were sent home during the week of August 5th – 9th and students in grades 9-12 will receive their class schedules on the first day of school in homeroom.  

I eagerly look forward to greeting students back to the building on September 5th. Students in grades 9 – 12 will report to homeroom at the beginning of the school day to receive schedules, locker assignments, and to review the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.  Eighth grade students will report to the High School Auditorium for homeroom to meet their homeroom teachers. During the morning, Mrs. Raux and I will meet with grade levels for a Principal’s Welcome and review key components of the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.  This important document is included in our school issued agendas and is posted on the website at: 2019-20 Handbook/Code of Conduct.  I encourage all families to do a thorough review of this document each year.  

After a year long review process conducted by the Student Council and High School Action Team, a significant Board of Education approved change to the handbook was made related to cell phone use at the high school.  The updated cell phone use policy is outlined below:


Students may use personal cell phones or mobile devices during the following times while at school: 

  • Before homeroom until 7:55 am 
  • During a scheduled lunch period in the cafeteria or senior lunch lounge. 
  • After dismissal at 2:41 pm 
  • For instructional purposes, with explicit permission granted by staff or faculty, in instructional spaces (classrooms, offices, study halls, Common Area)  

Students do not have permission to use cell phones during transition periods.  Student cell phones must be secured in lockers or gym lockers during Physical Education classes.   Students can be granted permission from a staff or faculty member to use their cell phones or mobile devices when in instructional spaces to send personal texts or make personal phone calls.  

Your support with enforcing appropriate and allowable use of cell phones by your children while in school is appreciated.  The support of parents and families in following all school rules, policies, and guidelines is paramount to the safety and success of our students. 

We are in need of three parent representatives for the High School Action Team.  Please email Miss Byrne, cbyrne@caz.cnyric.org if you are interested in serving as a parent member of our shared decision making team.  

Together, I know we will make this school year one of growth and achievement for all students.  We are committed to being accessible and approachable for students, parents, and families. If you have any questions, concerns, and ideas that you would like to discuss with either member of the administrative team, please contact Mrs. Haube in the main office to schedule an individual meeting time.

Enjoy the rest of August!


Mrs. Molly Hagan

High School Principal

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