Winter All-County 2020

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The Madison County Music Educator’s Association presented their Winter All-County Festival Friday and Saturday, January 17 and 18. Over 50 Cazenovia musicians participated in band, orchestra and choir performances at Chittenango High School. Students who performed auditioned for the festival in October and rehearsed multiple times with their teachers and featured conductors.

The following conductors selected pieces to showcase the students’ talent:  Adam Chandler, Middle and High School Choral Director at Vernon Verona Sherrill; Linda Carter, High School Band Director at Vernon Verona Sherrill; Dawn Giddings, Elementary and Middle School Orchestra at Hamilton; and Andrew Lammly, director of bands at Greenville Central School District. 

The students had a unique experience because they made music with people from other schools they normally don’t perform with. They made new friends who share the same passions. Sebastian Gebers, who performed with the 6th-8th grade Orchestra said “It was a lot of fun to make music, and relaxing because the teachers were all really nice.” 

Cazenovia Students who performed at this festival include: 6th Grade Chorus: Rebecca Brooks, Cadence Brown, Macie Decker, Cole Frazee, Zander Hollman, Joshua McLaughlin, Paige Reilly, Rae Western, Bobby Livingston, Caleb Gilmore, Alison Morse. High School Band: Sophie Clancy, Dylan Albicker, Olivia Emerson, Regan Dauenhauer, Gavin Moy, Nadia Segall, Chris Kelly, Anna Edwards, Slater DeLeon, Dylan Anderson, Megan Lawton, Lili Gavitt, Ava Gavitt, Eric Groff, Quinn Smith, Gavin Decker, Bonnie Pittman. Jr High Band: Nico Segall, Grace Kingsley, Suzy Pittman, Cassia Race, Mesi Stevens, Eliza McCaulley, Rachael Caraher, Sophie Reger, Mya Skeele. Jr High Orchestra: Nathan Schierer, Claire Marris, Olivia Lints, Olivia Wong, Charlie Prior, Karly Vaas, Quinn Holdren, Robert Svenson, Maura Phillips, Sebastian Gebers, Maddie Caraher, Kyle Caraher, Iris Casey, Clare Marris.

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